Lucy Pargeter Gave Birth To Twin Babies With husband; Here's Her Struggle Before Daughters Arrived

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Lucy Pargeter Gave Birth To Twin Babies With husband; Here's Her Struggle Before Daughters Arrived

Pregnancy has never been discussed to be an easy phase by any women yet, as it requires massive exertion to keep up with. Despite the pain and discomfort pregnancy causes, being pregnant has always been desirable, since, the experience of motherhood isn’t worth just a dime; it’s priceless.

Actress Lucy Pargeter went through the same phase, but with complications which one would never want to be a part of. Let's take a look at the complications she had to face and know about the things she did about that.

Lucy Pargeter talks about the struggle:

Trying to conceive a child immediately after her first daughter and not being able to do so was nerve-wracking for Lucy Pargeter.

Lucy, along with her fiance, Rudi Coleano, then performed all the required medical check-ups to figure out what was disrupting her.

The medical reports all came out positive, and the doctors suggested her to undergo the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), a therapeutic procedure where sperm fertilizes the egg in a test tube or elsewhere outside the body.

However, It also didn't work out well for the couple on the first try. Luckily it was a success on the second go.

She even spoke about her struggle in one of the interviews with ITV.

Caption: Lucy Pargeter talking about her struggle with IVF and maintaining secrecy at the workplace about it.

Speaking to the OK magazine, the couple mentioned about getting pregnant with twins after about 11 years of heartbreaking, unsuccessful attempts of trying to conceive a child.

Talking about the matter, Lucy expressed,

“When it failed, it was devastating after all the drugs, preparation and mental stress that we were put through”

In the verse of the happiness of finally conceiving a twin; the soon to be parents divulged,

 “We’re absolutely over the moon” & “It still hasn’t sunk in. It’s a buy one, get one free situation”

Pargeter's Babies; Lona and the Twins:

Lucy and her partner Rudi were already parents to their daughter named Lona, who, they gave birth in the year 2005. The couple loved her to every possible bit. Lona was the one person who wasn’t left in the dark and was there throughout the IVF process.

Lucy mentioned:

"We thought it was so important for her to know everything.We didn't want anything to happen behind her back."

Moreover, she added:

"She's come with us to scans, doctors, she knew the whole process.She’s been through the whole thing with us."

And later, on Thursday, April 13th this year, they gave birth to their lovely twin daughters making Lona all delighted, for finally becoming an elder sister.

Already Married or yet to exchange vows?

The British actress, Lucy Kate Pargeter,40, is well known for playing Helen Raven in Crossroads and Chas Dingle in Emmerdale. By giving birth to the twins recently, she became the mother of 3 girls, but is she married to her partner though?

The answer is an ‘NO.’ Lucy and her Fiance Rudi Coleano has been in their long term engagement for more than 12 years now, and with the arrival of the twins, their wedding doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.

However, let's hope the couple might start their marital life soon. 

Congratulations Lucy and Rudi for the arrival of the twin babies!