Luis Armand Garcia Has a Son! But with Wife or a Girlfriend?

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Luis Armand Garcia Has a Son! But with Wife or a Girlfriend?

The warmth of holding your baby in your arms, nurturing it, and watching it grow is an incredible feeling. There are some who get to feel the compassion of parenthood at an early age.

Among the few is Luis Armand, who entered the acting industry as a child artist. The former child artist who played the role of George Lopez's son, Max, in the show The George Lopez Show is not so young anymore.

So, today, let us address the fact that he has grown up and is a father now.

But the question strikes: who is the mother of the child? Is Luis married and living happily with his wife, or still lingering in the dating life?

Luis Armand: Who is the mother of his child?

Luis Armand is an American Actor, who started his acting career at an early age. He is best known for his role as the son, Max Lopez, in The  George Lopez Show, that aired on ABC from 2002 to 2007.

His performance demonstrably awarded him with the highlights in the media. He also got nominated for a Young Artist Award. However, his personal life is wholly in the shadow.

Given his low profile life, no information regarding Luis' current involvement in any relationship has been revealed. However, he did have his share of romance in his teen years.

He once indulged in a romantic relationship with Tyra Taylor Simmons as a teen. Their relationship took a new step when they welcomed their son, Max. Parenting a child as a young couple was hard enough, so they could not focus on each other, for, as it seems, they found some differences which resulted in their silent break up.

He has not talked much about their relationship and has not disclosed any reasons for their separation. They dated back in 2006, but the break up followed shortly after. The relationship ended when Luis was just 16 years old. 

Despite his low-profile dating life, we can't be sure if he is gay since he did go out with a girl once. 

Caption: Shirtless Luis Armand Garcia showing his chiseled body.

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As per the source, after the cancellation of The George Lopez Show in 2007, Luis' MySpace suggested no probability of his return to the acting career. Before earning fame in the series, however, he appeared in a TV Commercial for Chevrolet.

After disappearing from the limelight, he made the headline once when the news of his arrest came out in 2012 for being found drunk in public at a boisterous party.

His current status suggests distance from the spotlight. Moreover, he is not active on the social networking sites. Likewise, the former star has not disclosed his net worth.

We are affirmative that he has not died, but that he has merely kept his ongoing activities and whereabouts very confidential. We can be sure that he is a fully grown man and, hopefully, he is taking good care of his child, too.