Mara Justine In 2018: At Age 16, Kissing Success - Family, Album & More

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Mara Justine In 2018: At Age 16, Kissing Success - Family, Album & More

Not everyone has the talents to reach top 12 finalists of the famous show, America's Got Talent. American singer, Mara Justine is one of the young talents, who advanced in the ninth season of America's Got Talent

She showcased her talented singing at the show, which gained massive appreciation and love from the audience. With a heart touching voice, 15-year old Mara Justine is strongly on track to achieve the superstar status. 

But how much are you accustomed to the sensational singer in real life?

If your answer is not much, worry not, for we have bestowed your beloved singer's personal life details and her path to success on the show, America's Got Talent as well. 

Mara Justine's WiKi Like Bio

The rising star, Mara was born in the year 2002 to parents, Linda Platt(mother) in Galloway Township, New Jersey and celebrates her birthday on 28 February every year.

She has five siblings in her family. One of her sisters, Jacey Marie, shares the same profession of singing like that of Mara. 

Mara with her mother and sibling sisters (Photo: Mara Justine's Instagram)

The Galloway Township, New Jersey, United States native shares a strong bond with her family and doesn't shy away from flaunting them through her social media.

Mara Justine On America's Got Talent

Mara Justine spectacularly sparked her career from a very young age. She was just at the age of eleven when she first auditioned for America's Got Talent. The young Mara rivaled many singers with her soul touching voice becoming one of the top 12 finalists for the 9th season of the show. But she could not go for the top position as she was unfortunately eliminated in the top twelve final round.

Yet, that did not stop her from singing!

The Galloway, New Jersey native continued singing after the elimination of America's Got Talent by training with a praised vocal coach, Sal Dupree. Even her coach, Sal could not help but praise Mara's talents as he quoted Mara as "amazing and something special" to The Press of Atlantic City on June 2014.

Later, in 2015, Mara released her self-titled debut album named Mara Justine, which got quite a good response from the audience.

The young singer became part of the much-loved show, America's Got Talent for the second time in 2018. She made major headlines as she auditioned for the sixteen season of American Idol 2018 and won a golden ticket to Hollywood on 12 March 2018. 

Mara performed Rihanna's Love on the Brain that compelled all the three judges to grant her a standing ovation. It was the unanimous decision of the judges to advance her to the Hollywood round.

All the three judges were extremely impressed by her vocal strength and control. One of the mesmerized audiences, Katy Perry even claimed Mara as the top 10 contestants.

Previously, Mara gave an interview with the Asbury Park Press in March 2018, where she explained she had grown up a lot as a singer and had felt the changes. The changes can be seen on her looks as she got contacts instead of glasses.

Not only changes, but she also expressed her love for the show, America's Got Talent in the same interview. The singer opened up that appearing on American Idol was her dream. It was her dream to audition for the show since she was a little kid. 

And she made her dream come true, and not only did she auditioned on the show, but she made the Top 24 Finalists of American Idol Season 16 as well.

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