PIX 11 Marissa Torres's Age Doesn't Look Like A Married Woman With A Family; Looks Can Be Illusion

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PIX 11 Marissa Torres's Age Doesn't Look Like A Married Woman With A Family; Looks Can Be Illusion

Ever wondered looking at a person and trying to figure out a little about them by their looks? We did and got deceived - by age.

We are talking about Marissa Torres from PIX 11. Sure you know who this beautiful lady is and what she does but ever wondered her life behind the camera? It is hard to believe that this gorgeous lady is married and settled with a family she has with husband.

Shocking as it may seem, the anchor who still looks like someone who goes on casual dates is taken off of the market permanently, and by the looks of it, she is happy that she did it.

Marissa Torres' Family with Husband:

To everybody who thought that Marissa Torres is too young to have a family, think again. The anchor is a married woman. Marissa got married to her husband Kevin Savitskie on April 25th of 2015 after being together for years. To be exact, the couple has been together since 2005, the year when Marissa went on her first date with her now-husband Kevin.


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The next big news after getting married was Marissa’s pregnancy. In late 2016, Marissa stared featuring some significant bump around her waist, and that was the sign of the arrival of her little man. Fast forward. Marissa, just six days before her pregnancy due date did some art on her baby bump.

Caption: Marissa, getting her baby bump painted!

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That is something you don’t see often.

Marissa before getting art done on her baby bump did a belly casting where a pregnant woman makes a three-dimensional plaster cut of their pregnant belly to keep a remainder. As it was safe for the baby and the mother as well, Marissa got is done followed by an offer for a baby bump paint art.

Family Expansion!

The couple does not spill any details regarding their personal details, but they did share what could be said the most important day after their wedding day, the birth of the couple’s first baby.

 Meet the newest member of the Savitskie family, Thomas Torres Savitskie, born on June 27th weighing 7lbs.

Just after three months into mommy and daddy’s arm, the baby is radiating happiness all over him and to the people around him. 

Mommy Savitskie captions the picture

“This little man inspires me every day - I can't wait to make him proud.”


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Marissa Torres' Short Bio.

Marissa Torres, an anchor for PIX 11, was raised in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. She received bachelor’s degree in anthropology-zoology with a minor in Spanish before realizing that her true passion lied somewhere else. After being attracted towards storytelling, she enrolled at the Newhouse School at Syracuse University.

Marissa has worked on a variety of networks including the likes of CBS affiliate WCIA 3 News, KOB-TV, KOAA until joining PIX 11.