Mark Nicholas's Love Affair With A Married Woman; Managed To Turn Her Into His Own Wife?

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Mark Nicholas's Love Affair With A Married Woman; Managed To Turn Her Into His Own Wife?

Quick Information

  • Date of Birth 1957-09-29
  • Age 63 Years 5 Month(s)
  • Nationality English, British, Australian
  • Birth Place Westminster, London, United Kingdom
  • Profession Cricketer
  • Birth Name Mark Charles Jefford Nicholas
  • Zodiac Sign Libra
  • Religion Christianity
  • Ethnicity/Race White
  • Father Peter Nicholas
  • Mother Annie Nicholas
  • Children/Kids 1
  • Relationship Status Dating
  • Divorce/Split Not Yet
  • Ex-Girlfriend Sarah Mason
  • Partner Kirsten Northcott
  • Gay No
  • Net Worth Not Disclosed
  • Career 1978–1995
  • College Bradfield College
  • Height/ How Tall? N/A
  • Weight N/A
  • Hair Short
  • Hair Color Brown

Relationship plays a great role in someone’s life who is truly in love, but sometimes things move on a different track than we thought of. That's the moment when the relationship may end in a split. 

It was same in Mark Nicholas case, an English cricket commentator and former player, who suffered a split with his long-time girlfriend. But what really happened between them? Did he find love again? Let's find that out.

The love life of Mark Nicholas; Girlfriend? Life Partner? 

Back in 2006, Mark Nicholas had a romance with Kirsten Northcott, who was already a wife of another man, Richard Northcott, owner of "Theo Fennell Jewelry" empire. Mark also was in a long-term relationship with a lady named Sarah Mason, who was the owner of "Lucky Me", the children's knitwear business.

Mark first met with Kirsten in 2002, when Mark was living together with his then-girlfriend, Sarah. Mark already had an eight years relationship and two years of living together with Sarah at the time.

Kirsten Northcott made a statement of having a divorce with her then-husband, Richard which turned the mood on and became a good news for Mark Nicholas.

Mark Nicholas and Kirsten Northcott attending Tom Moody Testimonial - Arrivals at The Dorchester Hotel in London (GettyImages)

At that time, she was not only a married woman but also a mother of three children. While he was able to win her heart; she was pregnant with her 4th child. One of Kirsten and Richar's children left Kirsten after she became pregnant and went to Richard's home to live. 

Kirsten however, denied talking about the incident in the 2006's interview with DailyMail by saying, 

"I don't talk about my private life."

On the other side, Sarah got suspicious about silent phone calls and discovered Mark's relationship with Kirsten, which had been going on for some months at the time. In the interview with DailyMail on February 2006, Mark admitted about the affair and his feelings towards Kirsten despite being in a relationship with Sarah by saying,

Sarah was upset to know about Mark's affair and, finally ended the relationship and separated from Mark Nicholas. She said,

"I don't really want to talk about any of this. I was upset at the time but now I reckon he did me a favour."

Later, Mark also added his opinion on the matter in an interview with Dailymail on February 2006 by saying, 

"It's no one's fault. Sarah is a lovely person and I don't want to hurt her any more than I have already. Yes, I have found new happiness with Kirsten and yes, it's true that I went out with Kirsten, albeit intermittently, while I was still with Sarah. But these things happen in life. You don't deliberately set out to hurt people, do you? We are all consenting adults. I haven't done anything criminal. Please don't make me out to be a cad. I tried to look after Sarah as best I could for a long time and she was very upset when we split up."

Nicholas has been a man of few words when it comes to his personal life, and thus, his personal life is a mystery for many. And it is still a mystery if he ended up marrying Kirsten, officially making her his wife.

Although he has not revealed much about his personal life, he seems to love spending time with his family and mainly daughter, which is evident through his Twitter where he flaunts his daughter,

Everything You'd Like To Know About Mark Nicholas:

Nicholas is a cricket lover who takes the game in a captivating way. He performed for Hampshire from 1978 to 1995, captaining them from 1985 until his retirement. 

After his retirement from Hampshire, Nicholas stayed in the game as an anchor and a commentator. He first worked with Sky Sports as a freelancer in 1995, before officially signing with the Skys as an anchorman in 1996. He stayed with the Skys till 1999, before he moved on to Channel 4 as an anchorman to cover cricket.

Moreover, he served as anchorman and commentator for the Nine Network coverage of 2013-14 Ashes series and continued to serve the role of other Australian home test series. He is a polished smooth performer as host, and his commentary style is pretty balanced, as he is now one of the faces of Channel 9 commentary team. 

In an interview with adelaidenow on December 2010, Mark Nicholas spoke of the Traditional Boxing Day Test matches saying,

"It's like a lot of these sporting events that happen at the same time each year - the US Masters golf, Wimbledon. If you recreate something on the same date each year, you create an event rather than just a sporting occasion," 

In a nutshell, Mark Nicholas is known to be a sporty person having a determined personality where he was able to manage his personal and professional life hand-in-hand.

In December 2016, Mark Nicholas suffered from illness and was forced to rest from Channel Nine cricket commentating. The illness caused Mark to be taken out of his office on a stretcher for two times in the time period of three days.

Speaking on the matter, Channel Nine spokesman gave an interview to in December 2016 saying,

"Mark is taking leave to resolve his health issues. He wants to thank everyone again for their kind wishes and continued support."

Nicholas illness symptom was shown at the 2006's tea time segment with Pakistan cricket player, Wasim Akram as he was having a hard time and sweating as well as complaining of headaches.

Nicholas later succumbed to severe abdominal-related pain in the breakout area off air. 

He left the MCG commentating box in an ambulance with stomach pain on the first day of the Boxing Day Test. and after two days, he felt ill again and rushed to the hospital.