Married With Children's Joey Lauren Adams Dating Rumors: Is Andrew Calder Really Her Boyfriend?

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Married With Children's Joey Lauren Adams Dating Rumors: Is Andrew Calder Really Her Boyfriend?

Most people get confused with Joey Lauren Adams’ work in ‘Married With Children.' Some refer to her as ‘Married With Children's Joey Lauren Adams’ and others presume her to be a married woman with children and a husband but so as it happens, it is a show that used to air in the early 90s and Lauren was a part of it. However, this 48 years old actress is rumored to be dating someone.

Rumors about Joey Lauren's dating is circulating the internet, and she is being linked with none other than 52 years old actor/ director Andrew Calder. But Neither they have been seen together on many occasions nor shown any links to their social media accounts like Twitter.

Caption: Joey Lauren Adams with Andrew Calder in 2006.


According to, Joey Lauren is dating Andrew; however, as both of them have never been confronted together and have not talked about having an affair, it is unsure if the rumors are all true or are just a bunch of speculations. The dating site also reports that Joey Lauren has dated two men before Adam.

In 1995, Joey Lauren dated Kevin Smith, an American film director; which lasted about two years as they separated in 1997.

Caption: Joey Lauren Adams with Kevin Smith in 1997.


After that, Joey Lauren dated Vince Vaughn who happens to be an American actor. Her relationship with Vince was even shorter that with Kevin which lasted only for about a year.

Caption: Joey Lauren Adams with Vince Vaughn in 1998.


As the rumors of Joey Lauren dating Andrew is unsure, questions may arise over her sexuality, desired to know if she is straight or a lesbian. Lauren has not publically discussed this matter, but she has appeared as a lesbian girl who falls in love with Ben Affleck in 1997’s Chasing Amy.

Recently, Joey Lauren Adams is seen in 2016’s Here Comes Rusty, All the Birds Have Flown South, and Still the King. Her other notable works include roles in Grey’s Anatomy and of course Married with Children. Her extensive work over her career has gained her huge respect, love and a pile of fortune as she currently enjoys a net worth of $2 million.