Total Fishing Star Matt Hayes Devotes Life To Fishing! Designs and Endorses His Own Range Of fishing Tackle

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Total Fishing Star Matt Hayes Devotes Life To Fishing! Designs and Endorses His Own Range Of fishing Tackle

While many people struggle to find out where their passion lies, there are some who live by enjoying what they love to do.

One many who have dared to follow their passion is the "Total Fishing" star, Matt Hayes. An avid fisherman Matt has devoted his life to fishing and further, he has extended his love for the fishing by endorsing his own range of fishing tackle.

Today, let's take a peek at the life of Matt, and know everything there is to know about this veteran fisherman!

Matt Hayes- A Passionate Fisherman:

Matt Hayes loves fishing and earns his bread and butter through this wonderful sport. With love for what he does, Matt has traveled the world and fished in almost all the styles possible.

Matt stands by the traditional fishing values, but he feels that nowadays, the true essence of fishing has been lost in the pursuit of targets and weights. As earlier, fishing was all about fiery sunsets, the misty dawns, the company of fishing mates and the joy of fishing techniques, regardless of the outcome of the fishing. 

Matt shared the joy of fishing in different places at different months of the year in an interview; and even addressed how people are dwelling over the outcome of fishing, rather than enjoying the sport itself.

Caption: Matt Hayes talks about the joy of fishing at different places all around the year. (Video Published on December 4, 2009)

Matt has done over 200 television shows related to fishing and even wrote three books on fishing. Matt has also been a writer/columnist in high profile angling magazine and newspaper. Moreover, he has contributed to the fishing game in PC called Matt Hayes Fishing, developed by game industry giant, EA.

After giving many years to his love for fishing, he has now extended his passion for the sport through the fishing tackle gear. The all-round angler Matt designs and even endorses the products, which include crap rigs, famous Matt Hayes Low Chair, Matt Hayes fishing kits along with quality fishing rods, shelters, reels.

Although Matt has accumulated a hefty sum from his thriving career, he is yet to reveal the exact figures of his net worth.

Matt Hayes' Personal Life!

When a celebrity chooses to maintain privacy over his personal life, then the fans are deprived of witnessing the life of their favorite star, off the camera. The statement resembles with Matt; he too has managed a tight guard over his personal life, and least information regarding his personal life has circulated in the media.

It's known that Matt enjoys a married life with his wife, Anne-Marit Winsnes and the duo owns a lodge called, Winsnes, around the River Gaula.

On a rare occasion, Matt shared a beautiful family picture with his son and daughter back in January 2016. The picture speaks volumes about the family time which Matt enjoyed with his children while fishing in Norway and the capture of salmon added to the moment.

He manages his time between the United Kingdom and Norway. While Matt fishes and works in the winter in the UK, he operates a high profile salmon fishing lodge in summer along the river, Gaula in Norway.