Max Silvestri Dating and Happy! Girlfriend Makes Him All Smiles

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Max Silvestri Dating and Happy! Girlfriend Makes Him All Smiles

Life is all about balance. And being able to juggle both personal and professional life successfully is an art. As much as we agree that it is okay to do that alone, let's face it, having someone you can laugh with and share your secrets and thoughts to is a blissful feeling.

Even a comedian needs someone in their life for laughter and smiles. And we here to talk about the comedian Max Silvestri whose girlfriend makes him smile all the time. The comedian/writer is dating a girl, and she is the reason for his happiness.

If you want to know more about the comedian and his girlfriend, take a look.

Max Silvestri is Dating Happily: Girlfriend Makes Him Smile All the Time

The ultimate job of a comedian is to make everyone burst into laughter. Max Silvestri, the stand-up comedian, is pretty good at what he does. He is competent in throwing the crowd into a frenzy of hilarity.

And there is someone else who puts the smile on his face and gives him an immense delight. The special someone is none other than his girlfriend, Leah Beckmann. The duo is very much in love, and Max can't help but share his happiness and flaunt his girlfriend as much as he can.


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They are like every average couple who does all the cute little things together like celebrating the birthday and new year, flaunting each other on social media, and being madly in love with each other.

Max took the liberty to congratulate his girlfriend for landing herself in the position of a writer for a TV show and accompanied it with a picture of her heartily cuddling their dog.


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The duo often features their black fur baby in their photos. Spot the fur baby in this one!


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The comedian has an impressive sense of humor and shares witty puns with his fans. Take a look at this one, for instance.

It is quite a surprise that despite Max's public display of affection towards his girlfriend, Silvestri's sexuality is highly searched on Google. The comedian took the matter to Twitter to let his fans have a good thrill.

If gay means happy, Max is, without a doubt, very gay with his girlfriend. We can all agree to that!

At the moment the couple is very much into each other, and there are no rumors about them getting married, whatsoever. But we hope that his girlfriend becomes his wife in the future, and they become parents to beautiful children while Max's comedy reaches the new height of success.