Maximilian Dood, 34, Talks About Relationship and Wife! But Does He Have Any?

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Maximilian Dood, 34, Talks About Relationship and Wife! But Does He Have Any?

For a gaming enthusiast, the world, which mostly revolves around them, is all about the games. People with such preference rarely manage time for other things than their Xbox and gaming PC. 

However, Maximilian Dood, a YouTube gamer, frequently talks about relationship and wife in his gaming videos. Now, the question is, does he either have a relationship or a wife or, is he all about just talking on the matter?

The answer lies in the section down below.

Is Maximilian Dood Married?

YouTube is a versatile platform that promotes various talents and helps people earn a living out of it. Maximilian has also been a part of the YouTube family as a gaming nerd for a decade now. 

And while uploading his gaming videos, Maximilian has talked quite a times about relationship and wife. Well, the fact is he has one for real, Maximilian is married to his wife, Jessica.

Maximilian first met Jessica at an electronic boutique where he worked. Jessica visited his workplace once in a while, and it was Maximilian's artworks which were hung up in the store; that grabbed Jessica's significant attention. 

That was how the two were introduced to one another. However, they didn't start dating from the get-go, as Maximilian was busy with his studies and work. It took them time to turn their friendship into a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship before eventually getting married.

Caption: Maximilian talks about how he met his girlfriend and turned her into his wife (Published on Feb 24, 2013)

Maximilian and his wife share some similar interests regarding gaming, and that is the significant reason that has kept them together.

Caption: Dood and Jessica react to 'ORI - Will Of The Wisps Trailer' (Published on Jun 11, 2017)

The idea of getting married initially wasn't easy for Maximilian, as the thought of possibly having to sacrifice things that he loves wasn't something he would ever want to do for a relationship. Also, he had witnessed his friends getting married, who ended up in divorce unhappy, for the giving up on the things they loved. 

Luckily for Maximilian, his wife shares similar interest with him, and he doesn't have to give up on his love for gaming.

Maximilian's Short Wiki:

Born on September 23, 1983, in L.A, as Maximilian Christiansen, he is 34 years of age. He is a film editor, video producer, illustrator and a YouTuber known for his self-titled channel and 'YoVideogames.'

Dood started his YouTube career in 2007, playing games like 'Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike' and 'Street Fighter 4.' He also used to post content from the 'Call of Duty' franchise.

Additionally, in the name of a family Dood has a sister, Tess, his wife, and a dog named Benny.