McKayla Maroney Is Pro at Handling Critcs For Jolly Instagram Video and Plastic Surgery Rumors! Has A Boyfriend For Support?

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McKayla Maroney Is Pro at Handling Critcs For Jolly Instagram Video and Plastic Surgery Rumors! Has A Boyfriend For Support?

When you are a public figure, then media and paparazzi have got their eyes on your back and forth every moment, and with no doubts, there is a high probability of one getting into controversies and later on amid by the critics. Some celebs find that hard to face that sort of problems, whereas some are very good at handling critics and controversies.

Talking about McKayla Maroney, the former American gymnast, she falls in the second category and has been handling critics and controversies in a pretty impressive way.

That part of her somehow has tempted us to know more about this Olympic winner. So let’s dig some facts about the personal life of the gymnast, which includes the dating life along with the controversies that she got into.

Fightbacks Alone; No Boyfriend To Hold Her Back?

The young gymnast became famous all over the internet after her “not so impressed” petulant expression at the 2012’s Olympic in London. Apart from her athletic abilities and her “not so impressed” face memes, she has also been known for flipping out social media time and again.

Back in May 2017, the 21 years old gymnast took her Instagram to share a video in a thong and alongside the clip, she wrote “Another world premiere,”

That drove the followers, who went on to accuse the young star, beleive that her account is hacked. But she clarified all with her tweet that her photo is not leaked, as she wrote,

“I didn’t get hacked. unfollow if u need to. all love”

The former gymnast dancing around video, later on, got viral, but she deleted the post from her account and the reason behind that is within the self of the young star.

That was not the first time McKayla Maroney hit the headlines with barely there posts. Previously in 2014, her nude pictures went viral which she first claimed as “fake photos.”

Many of her friends also stood by her side through twitter.

But further, as she fired off the letters to the adult sites, that had somehow been evidence that she the photos did show McKayla Maroney.

However, McKayla Maroney has always been able to handle controversies and all, and that also all alone. Don’t you think it would have been a lot easier for her if she has someone to hold her back?

We are sure that you also feel the same way, but sadly, it seems she didn’t have been that active at that point in her career, to date someone or have a boyfriend. But never mind, she has now hinted someone, who might be a lot more than just her friend.


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The former athlete has not been so open on that very matter, so far. But what we can say is, that definitely sparks some chemistry, as she has not shared the full face of the man in the picture.

Did She Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Apart from the bare photos controversies, McKayla Maroney once again hit back on Social Media, after she got accused of getting plastic surgery.


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McKayla Maroney showed off her fuller look on her Instagram account. Speculations then arose that she had lip fillers. Throwing light on that very matter, she said,

“First of all I haven’t. And I’ve posted a picture on Instagram last night that was like, how do I make my face look like I didn’t do anything to my face when I literally have not done anything to my face?”

The former member of US women’s gymnastics team “Fierce Five” announced her retirement from gymnastics in summer 2016, mentioning it was due to health issues, and also wanting to put “worth and value into something else.”

As of today, the GymCastic podcast must have been busy with her music, just when she also mentioned in her Instagram bio as “music on the way.” We just like to wish her luck in her upcoming works.

Stay with us for the emerging updtes on McKayla Maroney!