Melissa Leo Who Won Oscar Awards for The Fighter Has A Scratch in Family Life; But Parents Her Children Well

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Melissa Leo Who Won Oscar Awards for The Fighter Has A Scratch in Family Life; But Parents Her Children Well

The relationship of husband and wife might not always be stable, but the purest form of relation is of mother and child. The relationship between mother and her children is a sacred one, and to support this fact, today, we are with an example of an actress, who's none other than beautiful Melissa Leo.

Melissa Leo dated John Heard in the past and shares a son with him. Sadly, the two of them had a split followed by an ugly legal battle for their son. But has the former pair managed to get over that? Or has Melissa been parenting her son single-handedly? Let's find out along with more facts about Melissa and her family!

Past Relationship and her Children:

The beautiful American actress Melissa Leo has been an inspiration to many. She has been parenting her children, motivating many single mothers.

Talking about the past life, Melissa had been in a relationship with former thespian partner John Heard. The pair first met in 1985 and later dated for three years. Their relationship went on to next level after they welcomed their son 1987, John "Jack" Matthew Heard.

But the former pair had to go through a break up when Jack was just nine months old. Moreover, after their split, the former couple had to go through a brutal custody battle, that lasted for over a decade.

Additionally, Heard got arrested in 1991 after getting charged for stalking Jack and Leo’s then boyfriend. Eventually, the two ended up agreeing on the joint custody.

Nevertheless, in 2013, Melissa mentioned she and her former boyfriend John Heard are now in good terms, and their relationship is “friendly.”

Melissa Leo is used to talking about her children. Other than Jack she has another son Adam Leo of whom he has not shared much, but possibilities remain that Adam is the adopted son of Melissa.

Everybody knows that Melissa has been in the industry for more than three decades, and she has done it all to prove herself and make a name, which she eventually did after winning Oscar in 2010.

In the Oscar speech, she mentioned about her son, and that is so overwhelming to hear. 

Caption: Melissa Leo’s Oscar speech after she got awarded for the outstanding performance in “Supporting role, Female” for The Fighter, mentioned about her children. (Published on March 2, 2011)

The proud mother, in an interview, said,

“It was really, really lovely. And we have produced an amazing human being.”

Jack is also an artist, who graduated from the Cal Arts, and has also done a solo show in Tijuana, Mexico. Jack has indeed been able to make his mother proud!

The 56 years old single mother has been doing parenting well as well. But does the thoughts of getting married and need of husband thing never made its way to her brain?

Probably ‘NO,’ otherwise the charming and gorgeous woman would have already been on the verge of the wedding!

More about Melissa Leo:

Born on September 14, 1960, Melissa Leo did her acting debut in 1984 in soap opera “All My Children.” She then worked in several films and television, but is most credited for her work in American Gun (2005), The Space Between (2010), Flight (2010), Olympus Has Fallen (2013), Lullaby (2008), Criminal Minds (2007), Mildred Pierce (2011), Treme (2010-2013), Cold Case (2007) and the list goes on.

Th actress has now reached the great height; she got her first Oscar nomination for the critically acclaimed movie "Frozen River." Later, in 2010, she won several awards for her work in “The Fighter.”

Caption: Melissa Leo has won Oscar award for her role in "The Fighter." (Published on June 5, 2013)

For the movie, she also won the award for supporting role in 2010.

Her more recent works in 2017 are "Novitiate," "The Most Hated Woman in America" and the series "I’m Dying Up Here." All her work has helped her to accumulate sizable figure of net worth, which stands around $9 million.