Is "Cobbler" Actress Melonie Diaz Married With Husband Or Secretly Dating?

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Is "Cobbler" Actress Melonie Diaz Married With Husband Or Secretly Dating?

American actress Melonie Diaz, who is known for her role in A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, has gathered colossal fan following for herself through her talent in acting. 

Already a graduate in film production, she has played various roles in independent movies like in Helmet 2. She has played roles from a lesbian to a fiance deeply in love with her soon-to-be-husband. 

While she has her hands full with the upcoming The First Purge, She has maintained a low key personal life.

On-Screen Dating Life

Melonie, who is raised in a Puerto Rican-American family, has been featured in movies and series where she has an on-screen dating life. One such instance is when she played the role of a fiance in the movie Fruitvale Station.

Melonie undoubtedly in the movie on 2013 in which she portrayed Sophina, the fiance of the lead character Oscar Grant and shared some romance on screen with him.

Melione Daiz with Michael D. Jordan during a "Fruitvale" dinner at Park City, Utah, in January 2013 (Photo:

Adding to her on-screen romance, Melonie is also to be featured as a lesbian in her upcoming television series Charmed which is a CW Reboot.

According to the TVLine, the passionate and outspoken Mel Vera is to feature a lesbian, who is to share romance with her girlfriend. The show will premiere on 18 October 2018. 

Dating In Real Life?

Beside the on-screen love life of Melonie, her dating life away from the camera is still a mystery. She has not opened up about the love of her life in front of her fans yet. 

Even though she is active on her social media, she has neither posted any pictures nor tweets relating to her love life yet.

While most of her well-wishers are eager to see her have a boyfriend in her life, she has kept her dating status at bay for her fans. She has remained utterly silent without giving any hint on her possible boyfriend.

Adding to it, she has not responded to any interviews that relate to her love life either. Her utter silent life has raised queries that she might be secretly married to someone. But until and unless she admits the fact that she is married, it is only an assumption made.  

Moreover, with her low key life, questions about her sexuality is raised among her fans. It has been considered that she might be a lesbian. And with her convincing lesbian role in the series Charmed the rumors got fueled. 

However, until the day she reveals the secret, we can only assume things on our on. As of 2018, Melione is reportedly single and is solely focused on building her career with her upcoming movie and series.