Melvin Gregg, 29, Tweets About Girlfriend; But Does That Mean He Is Dating?

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Melvin Gregg, 29, Tweets About Girlfriend; But Does That Mean He Is Dating?

In this era where the social networking sites are taking the world by storm, one's social media account is often overflowing with their information and updates. Besides, in the past few years, social media have also emerged as platforms to demonstrate one's creativity.

Hailing from Virginia and thriving in his venture in Los Angeles, Melvin Gregg started off his career online by sharing videos on Vine and YouTube. It was not long before he boasted over 3.8 million subscribers on Vine making him one of the top personalities in the field.

Well, aside from his developing career, a certain curiosity grew among his fans: his relationship status, of course! So, if you are here to know the fact about the tweet about his girlfriend, then you have come to the right place! In any case, keep reading as we shed some light on the life of Melvin Gregg.

The Reality Behind Melvin Gregg's Tweet About Girlfriend

Melvin Gregg is an American actor and entertainer, who first gained recognition for his Vine videos. Because of his incredible looks and chiseled body, it is easier to believe that Gregg is already taken and has stepped away from the dating game.

Well, he has hinted to his fans about his girlfriend through his social networking sites. Melvin took to Twitter back in the year 2016 to proclaim his girlfriend's beauty.

My girlfriend is so beautiful... I feel like she was made especially for me... Selfish, I know

— Melvin Gregg (@MelvinGregg) March 18, 2016
Well, Melvin's activities on the social media reflect that he is not single and is enjoying his life with the professed beauty.

Additionally, the tweet he made in April 2017 shows that he shares an amicable relationship with his ex; thus, she is his girlfriend.

My Ex & I have an amazing relationship! She's my girlfriend

— Melvin Gregg (@MelvinGregg) April 10, 2017

Could it mean that he broke up with the one he thought "was especially made for" him? Well, it could be another ex. Regardless, she is technically still his girlfriend. And since he has addressed his girlfriend a couple of times, any rumors regarding him being gay can be dissed.

Melvin Gregg's Short Bio

The American actor and entertainer Melvin Gregg was born on September 22, 1988, to the parents Constance Gregg and Melvin Vaughan, in Virginia. He is the only brother of six sisters. He studied Marketing at Old Dominion University before moving to LA.

He started his career by making Vines and soon rose to fame with 3.8 million subscribers. After Vine was discontinued, he put his video making skill at work on YouTube. The video titled, "Life After Vine: The Melvin Gregg Story" which was uploaded back on May 18, 2015, marked the beginning of his YouTube Career.

However, his online career wasn't the only thing that took skyrocketed: Gregg made his official acting debut in the television series, Whatever in 2011. Since then, his career in the showbiz has only been flourishing.

He's appeared in multiple TV shows and films including The Beauty Inside (2012), Goldwater (2013), Cleaver Family Reunion (2013), Sexless (2015), Class (2015) and Freakish (2016), among many others.

Besides, he has a promising career in advertising and has appeared in over a dozen national commercials for some high-end brands including Nike, Sony, and Gatorade.

Assuming he carries on with the same momentum, it’s incredibly likely that his overall assets will continue to rise. As of now, Melvin Gregg, at the age of 29, has an approximate net worth of $2 million.