Michael Cyril Creighton Has No Thoughts On Getting Married? Or Metaphorically Dating His Career?

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Michael Cyril Creighton Has No Thoughts On Getting Married? Or Metaphorically Dating His Career?

American actor and writer Michael Cyril Creighton's performances have won several hearts along with his writing credit, that has received critical acclaim as well. Well, he has been so busy in his professional life that his personal life has taken a back seat.

Perhaps it would not be wrong if we say he is dating his career metaphorically!

But is his busy professional schedules the reason behind him not being involved in a romantic relationship?

Let's take a closer look to figure out what his love life upholds!

Does Michael Cyril Creighton Have Thoughts On Getting Married?

Michael has been very secretive about his love life, and least information regarding it has circulated in the media.

Michael’s romance is limited to his onscreen roles only; he shared a throw-back picture of his play, "Stage Kiss" via Instagram on March 2017 where he is kissing a woman.

The caption of Michael's Instagram post grabbed the attention, where he revealed that it was the last time when he kissed a woman.

Michael has barely shared anything about his romantic life, and so his fans are left to wonder about the matter.

He could be single, but possibilities exist that he is dating his girlfriend in secret and enjoying a love life far away from the limelight, who knows!

However, Michael has not exchanged the wedding vows, so he is yet to enjoy a married life with a wife.

Despite, keeping his love life under the shadows, Michael has expressed his love for his family through his tweets.

On the occasion of Mother's Day Michael showed his gratitude towards his mother via an Instagram post and even thanked his mother for giving him a weird sense of humor.

Michael wished his followers on the occasion of Father's Day through a thoughtful tweet. And every year, he shares this tweet while acknowledging the effort a single mom in upbringing her child or children. 

Michael even revealed that he never met his father via a tweet that reads,

While portraying different character on-screen, he has even portrayed the role of a gay, named "Kevin" in Sarah Ruhl’s play "Stage Kiss." 

Talking about his character in an interview in October 2016, he shared his happiness on portraying the character as,

“I think initially Sarah had conceived the character as a traditionally handsome gay man with good bone structure. I can’t even stress how thankful I am that she saw me in that role.” 

In the play, Michael embraced physical humor without making his character look silly and gave a nifty performance.

“It was an incredibly physical role. And I used all of that. Which, some people would say, here are my flaws. Like my stomach and my sweatiness and all of that. I used those quote-unquote flaws to my advantage, and I think it made that character.” 

Talking about his career, Michael has portrayed various characters in films, television, and stage and been very busy in recent years.

His latest movie credit includes, Home Again(2017), Coin Heist (2017), Fits &Stars (2017), Spotlight (2015) and Sleeping With Other People (2015). His upcoming movies are 'The Post' and 'Can You Ever Forgive Me?' while he is shooting for 'Game Night.'

His recent television credit also includes Graves (2017), The Good Fight(2017), High Maintenance (2013-2017), The Outs (2017), 2 Broke Girls (2015), and Nurse Jackie (2014). Moreover, his stage credits include Stage Kiss (2014), and Blood Play (2012-2013). 

Additionally, Michael received "Writers Guild Award of America" in the category of "Outstanding Achievement in Writing Original New Media" in 2013 for the television series, "Jack in a Box."

Michael, who has attained an appreciable height of success in career, must have successfully accumulated a hefty net worth; however, his net worth remains confined just like the details of his love life!

Stay with us for the budding updates on Michael Cyril Creighton!