Micki Velton's Relationship With Ex-Husband Jerry Springer

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Micki Velton's Relationship With Ex-Husband Jerry Springer

Quick Information

  • Nationality American
  • Birth Place United States
  • Ethnicity/Race White
  • Daughter/s Katie Springer
  • Relationship Status Single
  • Divorce/Split Yes (Once)
  • Ex-Husband Jerry Springer (June 16, 1973 To 1994)
  • Net Worth Not Disclosed

A relationship takes a time to grow and develop. And with times gets stronger. However, the bond that we are to discuss here is not a long one.

Micki Velton's Relationship with Ex- Husband and Family:

Micki Velton, who used to work for a small-time gambling company, was not known to anybody. Then out of nowhere, she was seen with Councilman of Cincinnati, Jerry Springer, and the two began dating. 

Their relationship that had started since the early 70s went on into a marriage. In 1973, Jerry and Micki got married amongst friends and family.

The couple has a daughter together. Thier daughter, Katie, was born in 1976, three years after the marriage. After being together for many years and despite having a beautiful girl, things didn't work out between them as they went through a divorce in 1994.

Although it hasn't been clear why the divorce took place, some speculate that it had something to do with Jerry's political loss. After he had begun dating Mickie, word got out that the councilman was hooking up with a low-class woman and it ruptured his past.

Anyway, it is his private life and it is fair that he doesn't want to reveal it to the public. However, many believe that Mickie filed for a divorce after she found out about his affair.

On Twitter, some people have expressed their dissatisfaction towards Jerry for ending the relationship.

It's Micki who only knows the reason behind the divorce, even if she doesn't want to discuss it publicly. However, she said in an interview:

"I am focused within my future. I don’t want to repeat my past and regret for it time and again to make myself weak to show among the people.”

Jerry's Short Bio:

Jerry, who was the 56th mayor of his town, is also known for his tabloid talk show on television "The Jerry Springer Show," which aired its first episode in the September of 1991.

As the show deals with many issues regarding both social as well as political, it has often been in several controversies and also been sued for fraud reports. His show deals with different kinds of subjects, and it begins with a disclaimer message to warn people of their age limit.

Jerry Springer was born as Gerald Norman "Jerry" Springer on the 13th of February, 1944 in Highgate station, London.

His parents; Margot and Richard Springer were Jews from Western Europe (Germany and Poland) who fled to England after their parents and a young son were killed in the concentration camps by Nazi army. 

In 1949, Jerry and his family moved to the United States and settled down in Queens, New York. He got his education in a local school in Queens and later got his Bachelor degree in Political Science; from Tulane University. He came closer to politics after running campaign ads for Robert. F Kennedy and joined a law firm after Kennedy was murdered in 1968.