Miles McKenna, Gender Neutrality At Age 22! YouTuber Makes Bold Statements

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Miles McKenna, Gender Neutrality At Age 22! YouTuber Makes Bold Statements

Youtuber Miles McKenna is famously known for his hilarious YouTube contents. But more than hilarious videos, he is known as an open activist for the LGBTQ community, who supports people like him via his videos.

However, he has traveled a lot of ups and downs before he rose as an icon in LGBT community. His journey from being a confused girl to being a proud non-binary person is something that you should not miss at all.

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Stepping Out As Transgender

Miles Mckenna, who ages 22, has been through a confused childhood.

Born as a girl child, Miles was given a girl name Amanda Miles but was never comfortable with his sexuality. His confusion started early when there came a clash between his preference as he liked girls though he was expected to like boys. 

Miles chose a unique way to escape out from the on-going distress, originated by his gender orientation. 

He started a YouTube channel "AmandasChronicles" and started making funny contents. The hilarious videos soon garnered followers for Miles, who at the time was known by his birth name, Amanda. 

With huge supporters by the side, Miles finally decided to reveal his gender. He came up with a video and announced that he was not straight. While many of his followers, understood his situation and accepted him, some opposed too. Even his parents kicked him out of their house.

But Miles, who stands at the height of 5.6 meters (5'5"), didn't let him hamper his decision as he started to upload videos, where he guides the confused youngsters like him. 

Miles Mcneer before and after his opening out 

His videos "HOW TO COME OUT TO HOMOPHOBIC/TRANSPHOBIC FAMILY" and "SO I'M TRANS" got uploaded in July 2016 and January 2017 respectively and earned more attention, which made him an icon in the LGBTQ community. Through the later video, he also proclaimed to be a trans non-binary person, who is neither a male nor female.

Happy To Be Non-Binary 

Miles with the revelation of his sexuality also legally changed his name from Amanda to Miles on 23 March 2017. He took the news to his followers via a Twitter post, where he stated the day he changed his name as a happy day. 

Moreover, Miles also described his sexuality during an interview with the POPSUGAR on 21 June 2017. He defined non-binary as a state where a person doesn't necessarily jive with being a girl or a boy. He even revealed that he started his testosterone process three months ago, and stated that he has been through all physical and emotional changes due to it.

Moreover, Miles admitted that his life would have been better if he was born male. 

Also, he added that born as a non-binary has helped him be who he is and helped him garner empathy. He also said that he feels strongly a part of gender neutrality, who is a voice for so many other people just like him.

Miles asked his fans and followers to be comfortable with themselves and shared his story of being confused, and harming himself while on his way to come out. He also encouraged his fans to be okay with themselves and come out only when they are ready.

Miles McKenna describes his gender during an interview with PopSugar on 21 June 2017 (Photo: Youtube)

As an inspiration to thousands of people, Miles underwent a top surgery to be free and have a life of his choice on 16 January 2018. He even shared the glimpses of the time around the surgery to update his fans and followers.

Already at such young age, Miles has indeed become a voice and an icon to so many people like him. To encourage and show the right path to his followers, Miles even organizes a show called Hella Gay, where he interviews and meets successful people belonging to the LGBTQ community and shares their to story to support people like him. 

He even supported Alex whom he calls his brother as he was bullied at school for his pansexuality. Miles Instagrammed a picture with Alex and via the caption asked his followers to show their love to him.

While being an activist for all the people belonging to LGBTQ group, Miles, who was in a dating relationship with fellow YouTuber Amy Ordman once, starred in American web series All Night in 2017.

He is indeed an inspiration for all those who are struggling with their gender.