Mindy Cohn Talks About Wanting A Partner; An Actual Marriage With A Man Or Is She A Lesbian?

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Mindy Cohn Talks About Wanting A Partner; An Actual Marriage With A Man Or Is She A Lesbian?

It's often seen that if a celebrity remains silent about their personal life, they are tagged as a gay/lesbian. That is no surprise, right?

However, even if it is just a regular thing to speculate things, it is not considered good manners to make some vague judgments. Today, we try to prove this thing while talking about Mindy Cohn, who wants to have a partner.

Well, there you go! She intends to have a partner, but the question remains, is she talking about getting married and having a husband or is she hinting that she wants a gay/lesbian relationship? Without further delay, let's get to grasp the answers!

Wanting A Partner To Get Married?

Every girl has a pre-determined dream to get married to a well deserving man, and yes, Mindy Cohn wants that as well. In The Blog section of Huffington Post, Mindy talked about many things and among those many things were her wishes to get married someday. Now there’s the big question. Is she a lesbian?

This might come as a heart break to all the gay/lesbians out there as Mindy Cohn is not a lesbian. In the blog, Mindy expressed her feeling of wanting a family of her own, a husband with whom she could have her kids with. The 51 years old actress stated,

“Sure I want a husband, kids — a family of my own. I always have.”

However, since she did not get married even till her late 40s and her colleagues were getting hitched one by one, she threw the cliché of being married to her career. We don’t know how it worked on the people around her, but it did work on us.

She said,

“But as my childhood friends were getting married and I wasn’t, I glamorized this situation a la Katherine Hepburn, as ‘I was married to my career.’”

However, even though she wasn’t having what her friends were, she was content with their happiness.

“Now, as I look at all my gorgeous, successful, famous friends who have all those things ... I feel pretty good!”

That’s some good and pure soul right there. In that article, Mindy also addressed some of the facts related to her, like why she was single at the moment, never married, did not have any children, and was not into drugs or debts whatsoever, and much more.

If her writing in the blog and her wish to have a husband did not clear out that she is not a lesbian or a gay person, we have her Twitter post where she cleared the rumors personally.

We hope this clears out the confusion that Mindy Cohn is not a lesbian/gay person but is an ordinary woman who wants to settle down, get married and have kids with her partner.

Right now, Mindy Cohn is working on three new projects, Hollywood Dirt (post-production), Eleven Days in Hell (pre-production), and Fly, that has just recently been announced and scheduled to come out in 2018. However, with all her hard work and dedication in the past, Mindy has a net worth of $600 thousand.