Mixed Ethnicity Actress Jodelle Ferland: Is She Dating Someone? Boyfriend Rumors

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Mixed Ethnicity Actress Jodelle Ferland: Is She Dating Someone? Boyfriend Rumors

Mixed Ethnicity actress Jodelle Ferland has been loved by all of her fans not only in Canada or Columbia but all across the world. People have loved her acting but do she has someone whom she secretly adores or is it just the rumors of her adoration spreading? So today, we shall eventually find out some secrecy of this cross ethnic actress and help her fan to find out the real story.

Is she Dating Someone? Boyfriend?

The actor has been reported to be single. However, she has also been alleged of dating her co-actor Booboo Stewart for two years. The rumors of her hooking with Stewart claimed the duo to have dated from the year 2010-2012. The couples were also spotted at various events together spending quality time.

As the actress has not posted any official statements regarding her relationship status nor has she bothered to clear the rumor. Therefore her dating rumors stills remains a mystery for her fans. 

Caption: Jodelle Ferland with Booboo Stewart(2012-2014)

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However, as a reported, the actress is said to have a love for animals and wishes to have a hot boyfriend who loves animal, possessing the quality of a good husband. Hence, looks like the actress is tired of on an off relationship and has a desire to have a long-term relationship with the partner.

As the actress has kept her relationship quite secretive no information of her dating any men or having a husband has ever been obtained. Therefore, her fan following must wait for her to release an official statement regarding her wedding.

Short Bio of Jodelle Ferland:

Jodelle Micah Ferland was born on 9th October 1994 in  Nanaimo, British Columbia to mother  Valerie and father Marc Ferland. She is a sibling of actress Marisha Ferland and musician Jeremy Ferland. She has an estimated net worth of $4 million. She started her acting career at an early age of two through commercials.

In the year 2000, at the age of 4, she made her first debut in the movie “Mermaid”, for which she was nominated for the Emmy Awards. Since then she has appeared in plenty of movie and television series like The Messenger(2007), The Seed(2007),The Collector(2004) and Too Cool For Christmas(2004).

In the year 2005, she received Genie Award for the Best Actress for the role in Tideland. She rose to fame for her roles as Mary Jensen (2004) in the television series Kingdom Hospital, Sharon or Alessa in the horror movie Silent Hill (2006), Bree Tanner (2010) In The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and Syfy in the television series Dark Matter (2015).

In the year 2001, she won the Young Artist Award for the movie mermaid, in the year 2008, she won a CAMIE Award for the lead role in the television series in Pictures Of Hollis Woods. She has also been nominated for plenty awards like Leo Awards in the year 2010 and Saturn Award in the year 2016. Currently, she is working on the television series Revenge Porn(2016).