Monica Raymund's Claims Contentment With A Lesbian Partner After Divorce From Her Husband!

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Monica Raymund's Claims Contentment With A Lesbian Partner After Divorce From Her Husband!

With the pace of time, it is normal for every random human being to change their behavior pattern, enhance their desire and keep enthusiasm to achieve more. So, it is quite an okay situation for humans to get excited, frustrated and soggy with the pace of time. Similar might have been the situation for Monica Raymund who after getting a divorce with her husband is moreover satisfied with her lesbian partner.

We shall uncover the story of Monica Raymund involving her marriage life and unlocking few of her new lesbian relationship.

What made her move out of the Married Life and Husband?

Before tying the knot, Monica met her husband while teaching in on the Broadway realization in summer. As posted by on 18th September 2013, she said:

“We met teaching at another summer program called Broadway Theatre Project about ten or twelve years ago. We've not affiliated with them anymore, but he and I teach at the Performing Arts Project, the school that we founded together with several of our other colleagues.”

 Even though she has not disclosed about her dating period, Monica married writer and director Neil Patrick Stewart on 11th June 2011 at Colorado Rockies.The wedding was a headline news for page six in every newspaper as the detailed planning was carried out in the wedding. When talking about the marriage the bride, expressed it to be the Midnight Summer Dream.

Caption: Short wedding video of Monica and Neil in Colorado on 11th June 2011 posted by

Though they didn't plan much for the wedding, the wedding turned out to be a delightful one due to the natural ambiance in Colorado. As posted on on 19th March 2012, she said:

We really let the Colorado mountains and Mother Nature inspire our feel for the wedding. No theme was necessary: the outdoors spoke for themselves and we really just wanted to highlight the beautiful landscape.

 Followingly the World Master Cellist, Timothy Eddy played some impressive numbers adding more charm to the wedding and making every guest present grooved in salsa and merengue in the entire night.

Despite having the glamorous wedding in Colorado, the marriage lasted only for two years. The marriage finally ended on early 2013 while the divorce was finalized in the year 2014. Even though no concrete reasons were given for the downfall of the wedding, there might be the case of bisexuality involved.

Nothing can be said till Monica or Neil reveal their actual reason for failure in marriage. The couple has no children from the wedding, while no news of Neil dating any women has been identified.

Monica Raymund: Genuinely a Lesbian or just her doubt?

Well, there is no question regarding her sexual preference. At an early age of 16, she had identified herself as a bisexual which was known to all of her family members, but she only confirmed it on the later stage of her life through her Twitter account on 9th February 2014 where she strongly supported the movement of bisexual during the Olympics.

Her revelation brought in plenty of positivism and inspiration amongst her fan followers who ultimately bestowed upon her lots of love through their tweets.

Even though Monica did not reveal anything about her dating sequence with women during her realization period but later on she announced her relationship with Tari Segal,a cinematographer via her Twitter account on 15th September 2015.

She is the love of my life. World, meet my Queen, who has given me all my strength & courage. I love you @TSSegal

— Monica Raymund (@monicaraymund) September 15, 2015

Note: But, later it was removed.

Her lady must be lucky to find a mate who loves her tremendously and is not afraid to disclose about her love before millions of people ignoring all the hatred she might have received which might have even become a black mark towards her career.

Simultaneously, Monica might have been truly content with her love which gave her a positive attitude for revealing about her love life. The couples have been spotted supporting each other in a protest carried on 9th November 2016.

There are no rumors of break ups between the pair nor about Monica dating another boyfriend. Neither have we heard any news of them getting married or taking their relationship to another level, i.e., parenthood. Though we are sincerely happy for the bonding between Monica and Tari, we are hopefully waiting for them to announce the news related to their big day.

However, the major reason for the failure in her marriage with Neil might be due to her bisexual nature. Due to her contradicting emotions, she may not have been able to sustain her marriage with Neil. Hope so this time she has identified what she really wants and settles with her partner.

Monica Raymund: Net worth

At the age of 30, Monica Raymund has become sensational stars through her work in “ Chicago Fire.” Till date, she has accumulated the total net worth of $4 million. She acquired the amount through her continuous work in movies like “Fighter”(2007), Arbitrage (2012) and Fifty Shades of Gray(2012). She even has worked in television series like Chicago Fire (2012 till present), Chicago PD( 2012- till present) and Chicago Med (2016).

Well, besides working on the television series and movies she is also a woman involved in politics. In the recent US Election 2016, Monica was seen supporting Clinton, but on the other hand, she was seen interacting with the supporter of Trump with the motto of non-violence.

Well, she is a woman with determination. She has worked very hard to acquire name and fame in her professional front. Having landed in Hollywood with a nonacting family background, she has set up her empire.