Never Married Maude Garrett Seems To Have A Boyfriend; Is She Dating Her Host Friend?

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Never Married Maude Garrett Seems To Have A Boyfriend; Is She Dating Her Host Friend?

Maude Garrett is now a big girl, and once the big girl phrase is tagged, relatives keep on asking ‘when are you getting married?’ This applies to boys as well, but we will be talking about Maude Garrett so let’s stick to that and further talking about that, there seems to be a little spark between her and her host friend and it is somehow curious.

The Australian radio and TV personality is yet to have a wedding for herself but as she is now 30 years old, the day when she walks down the aisle for her husband is not so far. However, Maude has not revealed anything about plans on getting married neither has talked about having a boyfriend, but despite all of that secrecy, Maude is pretty close to her friend Sam Bashor, so close that the friendship became suspicious.

Maude was a co-host to Sam Bashor worked side by side for about a year, i.e. from May of 2015 till August of 2016, and both of them have built up a pretty good chemistry over the time. However, the time when the SourceFedNerd reached its milestone of 1 million subscribers, Maude celebrated it and also, shared a kiss with Sam Bashor.

However, a kiss sounds just fine even if it is with a friend, but it becomes suspicious when it turns passionate. Similarly, Maude kissed Sam Bashor with a clearly visible passion as she put her hand on his neck and Sam’s hand placed on her back.

Caption: Maude Garrett shares a kiss with Sam Bashor.

She near the end of the year Instagram photo also showed that Sam Bashor was heavily involved in her 2016. However, peculiarly, both of them call themselves just friends and have not said anything about dating. However, still, the hope remains that Maude will let the media know when she gets married and talk her wedding details. 

Till this date, Maude Garrett has appeared in three TV series; Screen Junkies Movie Fights, Collider Jedi Council and Nuclear Family. Apart from that, she also appeared in the TV series documentary called Vlogbrothers.