Nia Renee Hill Wiki: Facts On Actress - From Age To Kids With Comedian Husband

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Nia Renee Hill Wiki: Facts On Actress - From Age To Kids With Comedian Husband

You are lucky if you get successful in your career, but it's another level of luck if you find your soulmate as successful as you are.

The one experiencing such luck is Nia Renee, who certainly stands above the top brass with her successful comedian husband, Bill Burr. Being a successful actress herself, Nia Renee has a lot going in her life from marriage to career. 

Well, for the curious heads, you landed in the correct place to finish all your curiosities in one go! 

Nia Renee's Wiki: All about this Beautiful Actress

Nia Renee is known as the American actress, writer, and filmmaker, but is best known as the celebrity spouse of a stand-up comedian, Bill Burr. Renee celebrates her birthday every year on June 2. In for the birth, she was born in the year 1969, in Los Angeles, CA, where she treasured her childhood summers with her father.

Besides being an acting powerhouse, Renee has also showcased her talents as blog author of site XO Jane, a women's lifestyle and community site. 

Her major career works are highlighted in the movies like 'Santa Clarita Diet,' 'Divorce: A Love Story' and 'Did You Look for Work This Week?.' 

Romance that took to Married Life

Nia Renee's fate did not intertwine until she went to work on a show, without any idea of finding her lifelong husband. She met Burr Bill while working on a comedy show and hit off the romance right from the start.

Moving on, the pair’s romance just added chapters and chapters of love after the show. She moved in with Burr first and later moved to Los Angeles before she took him as the husband.

She included her side of explanation regarding her love life in an article named “I Never Thought I would end up Here But Here I am: My Life As a ‘Kept Woman,’” where she wrote about her early career and how things changed after meeting Burr.

The 48 years old Renee, who shares her husband's net worth of 6 million dollars, explains her plans to bring equal financial contribution as,

“As ambitious as I am, I am very lazy,”

“I am also scared of failure. And success, for that matter. It was easier to play the role of spoiled housewife than to get my ass up everyday and possibly fail. But I can’t do it anymore. It’s not me. It may take me a few years, but I want to be an equal financially contributing member of my household. I have to. Not being one in the past few years has made me feel bad and has created an imbalance in my relationship.”

The couple celebrated their super romantic wedding in September 2013 and escalated their perfect love story.

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The couple's compassion was deep to enough to feature Renee on The Richest’s list of “The 10 Hottest Wives and girlfriends of comedians” in 2014. 

Welcoming Kids

Nia’s romantic life was already on a good run, and it just got better and better with the time. Some sources claim she has recently been gifted with a baby daughter, who was born on Jan 20, 2017. She has colored her social media, mainly Instagram, to display her maternal love towards her daughter. 


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Nia previously shared a pregnancy throwback picture with her fans on her Instagram on May 2017, where she can be spotted flaunting her baby bump.


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Nia's romantic journey from the comedian's girlfriend to being a mother is certainly the life any girl would dream of, don't you think so?

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