Nicholas D'Agosto: Is He Secretly Dating Someone? Or Is He Gay? Girlfriend and Married, Wife Rumors

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Nicholas D'Agosto: Is He Secretly Dating Someone? Or Is He Gay? Girlfriend and Married, Wife Rumors

Although Nicholas D’Agosto has been romancing plenty of female stars on screen but in real life does he have a woman with whom he has been dating secretly or does he have no interest in dating any women due to his interest in men?

So, today we are covering the inside story of Nicholas D’ Agosto and pulling out few inside details of him regarding his love life, girlfriend, wife, children and about his sexual orientation.

Is the Girlfriend rumor true? Dating?

In the year 2009, the actor was in the news of dating Sarah Roemer while filming the movie “Fired Up.” The romance is said to have sparked between the two actors while they were both shooting. However, as no official statement about the stars dating one another has been obtained, it was considered nothing but a rumor.

Caption: Nicholas D' Agosto with his rumored girlfriend Sarah Roemer in 2009


In the year 2011, the actor was seen romancing his on-screen girlfriend, Emma Belle in the movie”Final Destination 5”. Even though the actor had fulfilled all the demand of the character for the love sequence yet, in reality, Nicholas seems to be uninterested in dating his on-screen love off the screen.

On an interview published by Collider on 12th July 2011, the actor has stated how his character is head over heels in love with Emma Belle whereas the lady speaks differently about love at first sight with Nicholas character. She said:

“It’s true. He’s a great wife”

Thus, the rumors are considered to be the false story as no authentication or evidence of the stars dating any women or girl is identified.

Is he Gay? Or Secretly Married? Wife?

On 2nd July 2015, the actor posted his wedding picture on his Twitter account. The actor is said to have married to Andrea Bricco, the food and lifestyle photographer, and artist who is said to have resided in Los Angeles. The wedding picture of this hottie actor made headlines in the paper while it took few breaths of his female fans.

The actor had kept his wedding private, therefore, he never once announced his wedding date nor did he give any kinds of a hint for his fans about his intention of getting married. 

Besides the posted picture on his Twitter account, no other information about his wife or children was there in the social media. We are not even able to identify whether the marriage still exists or have they separated. 

Thus, what we and his fans can do is only wait for the official announcement from the stars. Furthermore, as the star is a married man, he has a straight sexual orientation; therefore, the question of him being gay is straight away to be struck off.

His fan following and well-wishers gives congratulation on the occasion of marriage:

Well, in the end, we can say nothing but the best for this lovely couple and hope their married life to be blissful.

Nicholas Agosto to star in NBC's Trial and Error

Nicholas is set to be cast in NBC's new sitcom Trial and Error. The gothamGotham was offered the role and had the oppurtunity to get a sneak peek at the script and he was more than pleased about it.

"It wasn’t so different that it felt obnoxiously strange or something, but it was wonderful,” says the Gotham star and further added “I like to say that it was just different enough to be new but just familiar enough to feel like you understood what it would be when you saw it.”

The Courtroom comedy show starring John Lithgow gives that good old 'Parks and Recreation' and, 'The Office' vibesand has been gaining some major popularity.

During an interview about his role with, Nicholas revealed with happiness that he was glad to be a father and talked about his six-year-old son.  

Yes! My son, who will be six months in a week, was born in the middle of shooting the show. Now, my wife, who works as a food photographer, is going back to work and I get to write, read, relax and raise this baby boy. Then we’ll look for something in the summer for me to do and hopefully the show will renew in the fall!

Nicholas D’ Agosto's Short Bio:

Nicholas D’ Agosto was born on 17th April 1980 in Omaha, Nebraska to parents Deanna Rae and Alan D'Agosto. He was raised by Roman Catholic and selected Genesius of Rome.

He got a break in his career where he got an opportunity to play the role of Larry Fouch in the dark teenage comedy Election in the year 1999. Since then he has played in plenty of movies and has landed in plenty of guest roles on the television series such as Boston Public, Cold Case and Without A Trace.

 He has an estimated net worth of $2.4 million dollars whereas he has annual earnings of $300,000. 

In the year 2014, he worked in the television series “Grey Anatomy” and “Talking With Ryan Bailey” whereas in the year 2015, he played in the television series of “Grace and Frankie.”