Not Ever Married, Miriam McDonald was Dating in 2015: Where is Her Boyfriend Now?

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Not Ever Married, Miriam McDonald was Dating in 2015: Where is Her Boyfriend Now?

Seems like Miriam McDonald is also trying to keep her personal life as low profiled as she can to keep out any information about her boyfriend or in other cases, husband from getting out or Paparazzi to grab. Let’s find out if she is married or not.



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Well, it’s not anything new for us when a celebrity is determined to keep out their personal life away from the media’s attention but Miriam does not seem to be exactly hiding the love of her life as she has plenty of picture with her boyfriend who is totally anonymous to us and everybody else. However, since her last post on April 5th of 2016, she hasn’t posted any picture with her boyfriend at all.

Miriam's last post with her Boyfriend on April 5, 2016.

Could this be because they broke up? It is pretty hard to speculate as looking at the photos, they seemed to be in a serious relationship but from that date, nothing has been seen on her Instagram pictures.

Maybe she just didn’t think it was wise to keep on sharing her moments with the boyfriend. Or is already a married woman now or at the worst case, they broke up. If she had a breakup, this might not be the first. She did have the past where she dated other guys too.

Miriam’s Dating History: Boyfriends?

According to a source, before 2015, Miriam dated three boys who were fellow actors from her series ‘Degrassi’. The source proclaims that she dated Marc Minardi (2001-2002), Ryan Cooley (2006-2007), and Shane Kippel (2010-2012).

During the end of 2011, there were various rumors flying around that Miriam got married to Marc Minardi or something like she is engaged to Ryan Cooley. It was strongly believed that she was engaged to Marc Minardi which turned out to be fake when she posted a picture with her boyfriend which was definitely not Marc.

In an interview when she was 15 years old and was already famous for her role in Degrassi, she was asked if she had a boyfriend to which she replied,

‘No, I don’t have a boyfriend…!’

This concludes she certainly had plans on making boyfriends since that age.

Caption: Straight Talk with Adamo Ruggiero: Miriam McDonald in 2015

Miriam McDonald was born on July 26, 1987, in Oakville, Ontario, Canada and  ages 29 years-old. She started her professional acting career when she got a role in the series ‘System Crash’ in 1999 and following that, she has also done a total of 39 voice-over jobs till this date. Her first step to popularity was when she was selected for the role of Emma Nelson in Degrassi: The Next Generation.

From then on, she has gathered herself massive admiration, respect, and fortune as well. From her pay from the show and various other sources like advertisements, special appearance in other programs, she has successfully gathered herself a staggering net worth of $3 million dollars. She is currently continuing the role of ‘Emma Nelson’ in Degrassi: Next Class (2016).