Openly Gay Thomas Roberts Married Partner of 12 Years in 2012: Love Story of Gay Couple

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Openly Gay Thomas Roberts Married Partner of 12 Years in 2012: Love Story of Gay Couple

Love is the best thing if it has ever happened to you regardless of age, sex or gender. Same has happened in the life of Thomas Roberts. After all, Thomas has Married Partner of 12 Years in 2012.

Married Partner of 12 Years in 2012!


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MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts tied a knot to his long-term partner, Patrick Abner, thanks to their 12 years of romance.

Roberts and Abner, both 44, have been with each other regardless of their careers folded and moving the couple from Virginia to Philadelphia to Atlanta to Washington to Los Angeles and finally New York.

The couple often found themselves separated by hundreds of miles and we can assume the exhaustion of maintaining a long distance relationship between them.

Finally, their wedding took place on September 29, 2012, on the roof of the upscale Gansevoort Park Avenue hotel. 

The couple was together as husband and wife, and it was such an event that it inspired ABC's Good Morning America weatherman Sam Champion to publicly reveal that he is gay and is further planning to marry his longtime partner.

Their love story! (Girlfriend and Dating)

Mr. Roberts was back then a young reporter working for a station in Norfolk, Virginia, and then he was introduced to Mr. Abner, who was then a pharmaceutical sales representative in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Mr. Roberts in an interview with New York Times in 2012, said that;

“I was warned, ‘He has a face that will slay you,' 

he further added; 

“And it did. I remember thinking, ‘I’ve never met or seen anybody like this.’ I was very nervous around him. I didn’t know how to compose myself.”

As it happened, the another man in the frame, Patrick Abner, also 27 at that time, felt the same way.

“I thought: ‘There is no way this guy is gay. I can’t be this lucky,’ ”

Said Mr. Abner, who resided in Charlotte at the time.

“There were sparks, but I played my cards close to the chest. I was a bit guarded.”

Despite the immediate attraction with each other, they both hesitated and were confused about getting into a relationship. Mr. Abner was then about the move to Philadelphia, and he very well knew Mr. Roberts' job required frequent transfers across the country.

A month later that year, the couple met a second time at the Halloween party in New Orleans. The two men, both 27 at that time, said they couldn't resist and began to date each other as the partner and boyfriend.

Mr. Roberts also invited Mr. Abner to Thanksgiving at his parent's house outside Baltimore, Maryland. And finally, within months they said they loved each other.

Thomas Robert's Short Bio:

Thomas Albert Robert was born on 5th of October 1972 is an American television journalist, and since April of 2010, he has served as a news anchor for MSNBC, a cable news channel. Thomas is currently one of the anchors of MSNBC Live.