Page Kennedy Features Son On Vines But Who Is The Mother? A Mysterious Wife Somewhere?

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Page Kennedy Features Son On Vines But Who Is The Mother? A Mysterious Wife Somewhere?

The vine featuring star Page Kennedy got surrounded by the glaze of amusement when he starred his son on the vines. The quick introduction of his son gave a blow to his fan followers making them interrogate more on his mysterious wife.

Is Page Kennedy secretively married or is his son from his former girlfriends?

With the sudden outburst of his son, Timothy Kennedy on the vines of Page Kennedy, the speculation on the marital life came into existence. The speculation rose when he posted a Vine with his son on 31st December 2013.

Caption: Page Kennedy shares his son, Timothy Kennedy's video on his Vine page (2013). 

The 18-year-old boy, all of a sudden, appears to be the son of the famous vine artist Kennedy which emerged the fan followers to know more about his personal life. But the actor as always has confined his relationship and marital status. So there is a likely chance of his previous girlfriends to be the biological mother. Though Page has not disclosed about his wife, Timothy on the occasion of mother’s day shared the picture of his mom and grand mom.

Similarly, in several videos of Timothy, the vine star addressed a woman as his family. Maybe the woman on the video is his present mother or an on-screen mother of his father.


Parents call you for ridiculous things #ididntreallybreaktheglass ????????W/ @pagekennedy @cristinapenland @chirstinkennedy

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Followingly Page through his Youtube post shared his thoughts about having a girlfriend. From the posted video one can precisely say that Page is ranting his experiences on dating a woman.

Caption: Page Kennedy rants about his dating experience in handling woman (2013). 

Despite the fact of getting acknowledged as a popular vine star, Page Kennedy has not stopped grabbing a handful of success for the star along his vines video has worked in several movies like Freaky Deaky, The Divorce Party, Bad Roomies and Friends. 

While he has also given a hand in televisions series like Movie Date, Backstrom and Rush hour. With all the dedication and efficiency, Page Kennedy has a net worth of $2 million which we are sure increases every day due to the heavy viewers of his vine videos and fan followers.