Model Patrick Schwarzenegger Appears Infatuated While Walking With His Girlfriend Abby! View Full Report

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Model Patrick Schwarzenegger Appears Infatuated While Walking With His Girlfriend Abby! View Full Report

It’s not new for the romantically involved personalities to hold hands, give a quick peck or conduct any of the cozy activities in public places. Nothing is new for a normal being like us but it becomes a big news for the renowned personality when they carry out such kind of traits in public areas. Similar might be the case of model Patrick Schwarzenegger who appears to be in the limelight when spotted completely infatuated with his girlfriend while walking together.

We shall reveal the inside love story of model Patrick with his girlfriend and yes, get hold of his previous relationships as well !

Has the magic of Abby completely smitten Patrick?

The Miami-based model Abby Champion must have really smitten Patrick through her elegant gorgeous features due to which the couple is frequently spotted together in the downtown of  LA holding hands and sharing private moments. Before confirming their relationship, Abby and Patrick were spotted roaming around the street of Venice during the early month of March.

Caption: Abby and Patrick spotted strolling the street of Venice, LA on 1st March 2016.

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The love story does not end here. The couple has also been caught previously by the paparazzi spending a cozy moment at Montage Beverly Hills. After grabbing lunch at afternoon in the Beverly Hills, the model was pulled and kissed by her man before departing from each other on the month of May.

Caption: A cozy moment of Abby and Patrick on Beverly Hills in May 2016.

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The couple was even seen enjoying strolling in the street of LA after the theatrical show, Pete's Dragon. Abby seems to enjoy the company of her man while he seems to be completely taken by her talk. The couple was also enjoying the early evening weather of LA after the theater show.

 The media had already spotted them together when Abby came to LA on 27th February to celebrate her birthday with her beau Patrick. When rolling the time machine, Abby and Patrick confirmed their relationship in the month of March when the young lad Patrick posted the picture of him and his beautiful women in his Instagram account on the mid of March 2016. Though the confirmation of the relationship has been received we still are waiting for the actor to reveal few details about his meeting events with model Abby.


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Besides sharing of pictures in the Instagram post, no other details have been revealed by the man related to his girl. Maybe he wants to keep his personal and private life separate but and wants his fan followers to be aware of his lady luck. The pair is still together and enjoying their ten months old dating spree. They even seem to be enchanted to each other so deeply that there are no rumors of break ups or fight between them.

How many women did Patrick date before meeting Abby?

Before getting involved with the model Abby Champion, Patrick was involved with the famous singer Miley Cyrus in the year 2014. The actor was involved with the singer since November 5, 2014 but the actor has not revealed any details of their meetings.


Luckiest guy in the world. ??

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However, the relationship which started in the early November 2014, came to halt in the early April 2015. After 5 months of dating, the couple broke up. The actual reason for break up has neither been revealed by the pop singer nor by the actor. Some source claims that the real reason for the break-up might be when Patrick was spotted with two different girls Maria Shriver and his ex-girlfriend Tootsie Burns  in Mexico.

As neither of them has spoken about it, the breakup still remains a mystery. Currently, Miley Cyrus is reported to be engaged to Liam Hemsworth, an Australian actor.

Before dating Miley, Patrick was exclaimed to be dating Tootsie Burns, an American student in the year 2013. No meeting events nor dating events with the student has been exposed by the actor.

Caption:Tootsie Burns and Patrick spotted together  (2013).

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The relationship only lasted for a year hence in the year 2014, the duo is said to have broken up. No reason for the breakup nor confirmation regarding the relationship has been obtained from anywhere.

Similarly, Patrick was also encountered with AJ Michalka in the year 2012. Even though the exact date of dating has not been revealed the relationship is said to have lasted for four years. Neither Patrick nor AJ has revealed reasons for their separation. Well, this really shows how well the emerging actor has started to keep his personal life and professional life separated.


Caption: Aj with Patrick (2012).

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His long dating series and current involvement with Abby Champion has given us enough evidence to identify that he has a straight sexual preference which will definitely the clear the air of confusion for those fans who claimed him to be gay.

What is the Net Worth of her?

At the young age of 23 years, the emerging actor Patrick has already maintained a whopping net worth of $1.5 million. He accumulated the amount by working in movies like The Benchwarmers(2006), Stuck in Love(2012) and Grown Ups 2 (2013). He has currently undertaken  movie projects like Dear Eleanor(2016) as Bud, Midnight Sun (2016) as Charilie and North(2016).

This does not put to an end here,  Patrick also hails from a renowned family background and is a son of Australian body builder and former Governer of California Arnold Schwarzenegger and Peabody-winning author-journalist Maria Shriver.

Having achieved success in an early age, the emerging actor is the future blockbuster star of Hollywood who shall be acknowledged by million of people all across the globe. Good going fella, embrace your success in each and every step of life!