Paul Reubens Is Not Gay! Personal Life Has A Wife In It?

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Paul Reubens Is Not Gay! Personal Life Has A Wife In It?

Paul Rubens is best known for his peculiar character as Pee Wee Herman portrayed in few Pee Wee movies and some series. But, apart from his role as Pee Wee Herman, Paul is an entirely different man off screen.

Considering his not so manly portrayals; Paul's fans conjectured about his sexual identity and it is overwrought.

If you are confused too, worry not, as the man himself has set the record straight regarding his romantic life. Read along to know more!

Paul Reubens's Personal Life 

Paul Reubens is mostly seen portraying a child-like character, Pee Wee in 'Pee Wee Herman Show,' 'Pee Wee's Big Adventure,' 'Pee Wee's Playhouse,' and few more.   

Paul's alter ego, Pee Wee, was even seen riding off into the sunset with his man love in Pee Wee's Big Holiday in which Pee Wee finally tackled with his sexual interests.

In the movie, Paul aka Pee Wee shared a deliberately vague relationship with his man Joe Manganiello.

Pee Wee aka Paul Reubens with Joe Manganiello in "Pee Wee's Big Holiday" (Photo:

He was so much into Pee Wee's character that it was hard for people to know where Pee Wee ended, and Paul began. Moreover, Paul ended up playing a gay hairdresser in Ted Demme's Blow.

Sharing such a close bond with his character, Paul was at times speculated to be gay off the screen too. Seeing him depict various gay characters, Paul led his fans into considering him a gay man. But little had you known, Paul is straight and has even been married!

If this came as a shock to most of you, then you need to know that Paul had a wife, Chandi Heffner. Paul and Chandi exchanged wedding vows at a dinner party at Doris Duke's Hawaii estate. Doris happened to be the mother of Chandi who adopted her. 

But sadly the marriage could not last long, and the two broke off their wedding. However, Paul, Chandi neither did open up about their marriage nor their divorce's date and the reason behind it. 

Apart from that, Paul shared a six-year-long relationship with Debi Mazar, who is best known for her work on Empire Records. Paul was romantically involved in a relationship with Debi from 1993-1999.

Furthermore, Paul even expressed that they shared a bond which provided him immense happiness and helped overcome his depression; which resulted from his arrest back in 1991. Not only that, they were even rumored to be engaged.

However, neither were they engaged nor did their relationship made it to the nuptials. The duo broke up back in 1999, and since then, no further information regarding Paul's romantic union has surfaced the media. But his relationships with Chandi and Debi indeed help falsify the gay rumors!

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