Devouring Piper Perabo's Lesbian Rumors! It's False Because Of Her Exceptional Wedding With Husband

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Devouring Piper Perabo's Lesbian Rumors! It's False Because Of Her Exceptional Wedding With Husband

Actress Piper Perabo has fallen a victim of lesbian rumors, but it turns out those rumors are just fake. Having a blessed career and a perfect family behind the camera is something that most celebrity dream of and Piper has almost achieve the dream of many.

You guessed it right, Piper is an established woman and is also married! Isn’t that a beautiful combo right there? However, things just don’t stop right there. The actress put quite the show as the way she got married, was one of a kind. Let’s take a glance at it!

Debunking The Lesbian Rumors By Getting Married!

The lesbian rumors are the outcome of the portrayal of Piper's onscreen lesbian character with conviction which is just a hoax but let’s not focus on that matter. The actress is married, and her husband is none other than Stephen Kay who is an actor, director, and producer. The couple who dated for a long time and stayed as partners.

In September 2013, the couple got engaged and officially got married to become a husband and wife, officially. The pair, who met while working on "Covert Affairs," got married on July 26, 2014, in a wedding ceremony in New York City.

When Piper got married, she almost got the attention of the whole town as the couple got married in New Orleans themed wedding with a band of musicians behind and the couple walking upfront in their wedding attire.

The bride donned a unique Michael Kors bridal gown with a light yellow veil while holding pale roses. On the other hand, her husband Stephen rocked in a frayed looking three-piece suit in blue with a fedora on top.

Caption: Piper Perabo on her wedding day with husband Stephan Kay in 2014.

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The sheer happiness of getting married and being husband and wife was just radiating on their faces; something that would make the day of their fans.

However, the couple has not shared anything related to their personal life. It is not known if she got pregnant or already has a family. The actress has not also changed much over the years. There is no significant change in her appearance, neither weight gain nor weight loss. Nevertheless, the actress still looks flawless.

Piper Perabo's Short Bio:

Piper Perabo was born on October 31, 1976, in Dallas, Texas, United States of America. The actress was born to parents Mary Charlotte, a Norwegian descent, and George William Perabo, a German, English and Irish descent. Piper, first of all, graduated Summa cum laude from the Ohio University where she got a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in theatre in the year 1998 and then moved to pursue her dream as an actress and further, she continues to win many hearts with her performances.