Pokimane Thicc Dating Status At Age 22, Has Boyfriend? Family Background

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Pokimane Thicc seemed to be dating...whom she met during...Pokimane showed deep care for...which resulted in speculation that she was dating...However, she denied dating...through a post on...Adding to it, she even revealed that...
Pokimane Thicc Dating Status At Age 22, Has Boyfriend? Family Background

The real-time twitch star, Pokimane Thicc, who goes by real name Imane balanced her life as a Twitch star and as well as a chemical engineering student. Having her schedule full of taking classes, studying and streaming online games, Pokimane was able to make her parent proud.  

She reached to heights of success with over 2 million subscribers in YouTube which earned both money and a strong fan base. While in the process of online gaming, she not only gained people that admire her but also someone whom she cares for deeply. Is the person her boyfriend?

Well, let's find out. Here is what her bio reveals!

Bio Reveals Boyfriend Secrets

League of Legends streamer, Pokimane Thicc seems to have found the person she cares for deeply through the platform which helped her rise to fame. The online game streamer has often been spotted showing deep care and love for her fellow streamer and YouTuber.

Indeed she seems to share a special bond with another streamer, who goes by name Myth. Pokimane and Myth seem to be dating and have often been witnessed sharing care for each other. In a video posted by Fortnite Legend in its YouTube channel, Pokimane was showing care for Myth asking him if he slept well the other night.

She even revealed that she was just looking out for his well-being while the couple played Fortnite together.

Pokimane Thicc and Myth during their podcast. (Photo:

However, Pokimane had previously denied of having any boyfriend through a tweet saying that YouTube streaming channel notifies her of a boyfriend she never knew she had.

This tweet of hers confused some of her fans and some were even surprised to know that she was not dating Myth.

However, the game fanatic expressed that she wants to keep her love life a secret and all to herself. Back on 6 September 2016, she divulged that her dating life has always been and will always be personal. She even aware girls on Twitch to not let anyone exploit them on their stream just so that they can have views. 

Traveling With Family; Education Remained Top Priority

Apart from her life on YouTube streaming, Pokimane also has a life apart from it. Pokimane, who started playing online video games at the third grade, made a career out of it.

She was born on 14 May in Morocco and lived there until she was 4. Her family who includes her mother, father, and brother, moved to Canada when she was four. They lived in Quebec for a year before moving to Ontario. During her school days, she learned French as her first language fluently.

Later in grade 3/4 she learned to speak English and got pretty close to her brother as they played online games. During the same time, she was able to maintain good grades and make her parents proud.

As time passed, she grew further from her friends as their hobbies did not line up and she was much involved with video games. She started streaming just as a hobby but her education remained her priority.

After graduating from high school, Pokimane joined McMaster University where she studied chemical engineering. Studying and streaming weren't as easy as it seemed. At the second year, she convinced her parents that she would take time off the school and started streaming full-time which brought her the success that she has now.