Rachel Keller Too Busy To Be Dating And Have A Boyfriend? Talks About On-Screen Romance

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Rachel Keller Too Busy To Be Dating And Have A Boyfriend? Talks About On-Screen Romance

Beautiful and talented American TV actress Rachel Keller, who stands over 5ft 5 inches in height, is the heart-throb of many people around the world. She has been able to capture a lot of hearts and eyes over the course of her life but has she lost her heart to someone and had a boyfriend? Or even better, is she married and has a husband in her life? Let us find out!

Is Rachel Keller Dating Anyone? Boyfriend? Or Just Loves Her Career?

Rachel is someone who does not like to mix personal life and her professional life. She has always been adamant on not being vocal about her love life, and thus, she has not revealed a thing about her love life. Rachel is entitled to do that as everyone likes to keep things within themselves.

But what her silence with regards to her love life has done is led people to believe that she is single and is fully fledged on her career and what lies in her professional life ahead. Or chances are there that she might be dating a secret boyfriend and wants to keep her out of the limelight.

Caption: Rachel Keller has not advertised her personal life.

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Thus, we would have to wait and see if the gorgeous actress comes forth and discloses some news on her love life that excites her fans and the media.!

However, she has been involved in some romantic roles in her career.Back in an interview in early 2017, she elaborated subjects on crafting a romance in a reality-warping landscape. 

Rachel Keller played Syd Barrett in the X-Men show "Legion."

Caption: Legion Season 1 Promo.

Published on Oct 18, 2016.

When she was asked about her role and the inclusion of the character, she said,

 In a lot of ways, this isn’t a realization of a pre-existing comic book; it’s an adaptation based on a character. So I think what that affords you is a lot of a freedom to say, “Who is in this person’s life? Who does he need to meet? Who are the people that populate his universe, his world?” I think that gave Noah a real freedom there. Syd came as a loving, hopeful, naive voice for David as he’s doing his self-discovery. As you look back into your past and look at those things about yourself that you’ve been told and maybe believe, how does that translate when you’re falling in love with someone? 

She then continued,

How does that work with someone you’re falling in love with when they have such boundaries that you can’t touch them? That gets my imagination running. How do they build a relationship? What does that friendship look like? How do you stay with someone that is maybe not so well right now? So I think that’s what Syd is affording this story.

Furthermore, answering about her character's abilities in Legion, she added,

Like I was saying before, I know that for women especially, there’s a difficult thing where there aren’t a lot of spaces for us to fully express ourselves. There’s a certain level of, we can’t be too loud, or too opinionated, or too much like yourself. “In fact, take this medication so that you are not too much like yourself.” So then if someone else is like, “Actually, be yourself,” I think it sometimes can take a lifetime to actually fully express what that is.

The actress explained it further,

You really only see her use her power, like, twice in the whole first season. Both times, it happens really differently. In the first episode, you see it happen sort of accidentally. He comes, and he kisses her, and she’s saying no, and it happens, and there they are. Even though she kind of wants it. It’s the catalyst, right? It’s the tipping point. And then you see it later on in the series one more time in a really different way, but to be honest, I’m very curious to see how her ability to express that power will keep unfolding. 

Moreover, when the interviewer asked,

It’s something that they could have teased out. When he first asks, “Will you be my girlfriend?” I thought that she was going to get up and walk right out of the room. They have almost a negotiation where she sets the boundaries, because they’re unable to express themselves physically. 

Responding to that, she divulged,

Well, that’s another rule, right? We’re taking away time, we’re taking away place, we’re also taking away touch, but we’re still having a love story. For an actor, what a curious place to begin. For me, it felt even more real sometimes, because it was based on a friendship between these two people. I’ve met people before where I’m like, “I know nothing about you, but I know you. I feel like we’re connected.” And then the details come later on. Where’d you grow up? How many siblings do you have? So exploring a romance of the mind, which is a theme that comes up later on in the series, was exciting to me, and how messy and complicated and awkward and also magical that can be. 

 The interview was indeed a clear giveaway for what people could expect from her role and the show itself.

By the looks of it, she just is focusing on expanding her already glorious career and that is why she just wants people to focus on her professional life. But let us hope that she soon reveals about her love life such that the fans can know her more. 

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