Rahul Kohli's Girlfriend: Who's The Lucky Girl He's Been Dating For 7 Years Now?

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Rahul Kohli's Girlfriend: Who's The Lucky Girl He's Been Dating For 7 Years Now?

It really is a blissful feeling when you are dating someone for an extended period, and you obviously do is because that person exactly gets the kind of person you are and the British actor Rahul Kohli seems to have found his significant other as he has been dating his girlfriend for the past seven years. Let’s know who it that lucky girl after all.

Girlfriend For Almost A Decade!

We are aware that many of the girls out there have already felt a mini heart attack as soon as they knew that this heartthrob is not a single man. Well yes, he is in a relationship and it looks like it has been a long and happy journey for him with his girlfriend. 

From the past seven years, Rahul Kohli has been dating a girl named Yasmin and looking at the couple and judging them by their social media activities, Rahul and Yasmin are undoubtedly meant for each other.

The couple celebrated their seven years anniversary on October 11, 2016, and as Yasmin described him, Rahul is her partner in crime. Yasmin described Rahul as her gaming partner, fellow geek, someone who could handle her mood swings and who actually feeds her distinguishing her mood swings from hunger, her shoulder to lean on, her serial killer documentary watcher, football rival, and her best friend.

As for Rahul, whose Instagram account is usually filled with the Star Wars pictures, he does not give gifts to his love that are typically romantic looking. For Yasmin’s birthday, he gave her night vision goggles which he explained that Yasmin had been asking for years. For their seven years anniversary, 


For years this bellend has been asking for night vision goggles. No one knows what the fuck for or why. Happy Birthday.

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For their seven years anniversary, Rahul gave Yasmin a lightsaber, the weapon from Stars Wars and explained that they don’t prefer flowers or any jewellery.

Now that the couple is together for 7 seven years, it’s not far enough when we hear that the couples are getting married and one thing is for sure, both of them will be one of the coolest husband and wife and parents too.

Rahul Kohli’s Short Bio:

Rahul Kohli was born on November 13, 1985, in London, England. Although he shares a Hindu tradition, he says that he is a British. It is because only his grandparents were from India as his parents are Hindu immigrants from a totally another region who met in London. Rahul Kohli shared a Hindu culture but was born in London, so he shares a mixed ethnicity. 

However, in his Tweet on 2015, he explained the confusion clearly, stated that he is proud of his heritage, but it is not who he is, in fact, he is British.

Since 2015, he can be seen in the main role in TV series ‘iZombie’ where he plays the role of Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti.