Reggie Youngblood Wiki: Age and Sizzling Details on Tami Roman’s Beau

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Reggie Youngblood Wiki: Age and Sizzling Details on Tami Roman’s Beau

Everyone is familiar with the genre reality show. It does not take a skilled eye to tell that they are far from being real: they are usually scripted. However, the reality stars of Basketball Wives: LA proved otherwise.

The reality star, Reggie Youngblood is deeply in love with his fellow star, Tami Roman who is 17 years older than him. Ride along; we'll take a look at their age-defying love!

Reggie Youngblood Wiki: an Unscripted Love story of reality star:

The former NFL prospect, Reggie Youngblood, is widely known for his reality star image. He could not continue his NFL career because of the multiple injuries he suffered in college days.

After bidding goodbye to his career as a player, Reggie entered into reality show business where he found the love of his life, Tami Roman. Tami and Reggie worked together in Basketball Wives: LA and started dating in 2013.

Like many relationships, Tami and Reggie, too, had their fair share of highs and lows. The couple announced their pregnancy news in 2015. 

Tami revealed that she was three weeks pregnant and the duo was excitedly expecting their bundle of joy. 

Just when they were ready to have a family, Tami suffered a high profile miscarriage.

Tami, who is already the mother of two children from her ex-husband, Kenny Anderson, suffered the unexplainable loss at the age of 45.

Both Tami and Reggie were deeply saddened by the loss of their unborn child. On further speculating, Tami confided to E! Online:

 "This is a tough time for us. It is the worst pain I've felt since losing my mother. I want people to understand the sensitivity of this situation. We are hurting and negative comments, don't help."

After going through the impeccable grief, the couple emerged stronger. The couple was seen on the reality show Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Star.

Caption: Reggie and Tami on Marriage Bootcamp.(Published: Jul 29, 2015).

After the show, rumors of marriage started floating in, on which Tami commented,

The Word [of God] has no specifics on marriage. What I mean by that is there is nothing in the word that says two people need to be legally married for there to be a covenant between them and God and share a union….[We have] made a conscious decision to live as a married unit.”

The couple might not have any plans on getting married, but they definitely have plans on having a child. Tami, who suffered three miscarriages with her beau Reggie, expressed:

“I am in love with someone that I love with every inch of my being and he wants a kid so we are going to keep trying,” 

We hope the adorable couple will have a baby to hold soon!


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Reggie has always been there for his love, Tami. When a bunch of men bashed Tami, her boyfriend, Reggie, could not help but post a video showing his support for his beloved. "Just hit me up, discuss with me, share your thoughts with me, man", he demanded. 

Video Caption: Message from Reggie Roman to his boo's haters. (Published: Aug 5, 2017 ).

Watch out, haters! Reggie won't take any criticism about his girlfriend.

Reggie, who has a net worth of $200k, is lucky to have found his love in Tami, and Tami in him. And everyone hopes they make it through every thick and thins.