Richard Beymer and Natalie Wood Were Never a Thing? What is The Rumored Gay Man With No Children Up-To Now?

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Richard Beymer and Natalie Wood Were Never a Thing? What is The Rumored Gay Man With No Children Up-To Now?

Not every person in the showbiz loves talking or flaunting their personal life, though their profession bounds them to attract media attention. When such public figure maintains privacy in their life behind the cameras, many assumptions arise regarding their relationship status and sexuality.

Same is the case with Ben Horne from Twin Peaks, portrayed by George Richard Beymer, Jr. aka Richard Beymer, a veteran American actor.

Apart from his portrayals in different movies and television series, what is the thing that you are most curious about him? Among all of those questions that are running in your mind, we are sure that you want to know about his relationship with Natalie Wood. So without further ado, let's get going!

Richard Beymer’s Love Life And His Relationship With Natalie Wood:

Beymer is now seventy-nine-years old, and even by this time, he remains isolated when it comes to revealing about his relationship status. It seems that he is neither married nor has a partner.

However, we can’t claim him to be single as he might be enjoying a secret relationship. You now know that Beymer is miles away when it comes to talking about his love life.

However, you must have seen him being linked with the gorgeous Natalie Wood. A long time ago, there were many possibilities and assumption on Beymer and Natalie’s affair, after they appeared together in the 1961 musical romantic drama film, West Side Story.  However, they were never a thing.

Caption: Richard Beymer and Natalie Wood as co-stars on West Side Story (1961).

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To enjoy a low-key personal life is completely Beymer’s choice, but due to the privacy, many assumptions are made on his sexuality.  As Beymer is not witnessed with any lady and has no wife, he is considered to be gay.

Nevertheless, he was once engaged. According to a source, Beymer was in a relationship with Tuesday Weld from 1960 to 1961. Beymer and Tuesday have appeared together in Bachelor Flat in the year 1961.

Caption: Richard Beymer and Tuesday Weld dated for a year from 1960 to 1961.

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Right after ending the relationship with Tuesday, Beymer sparked a romance with Sharon Tate. As per the source, they were engaged for a year, from 1962 to 1963.

Caption:  A video related to Richard Beymer and Sharon Tate’s love.

Since Beymer has been in a couple of relationship in the past, there is the least possibility of Beymar being on the gay side.

Well, there might be some reasons behind him remaining unmarried and not enjoying his life being surrounded by children.  

But do you know that Beymer is still active in the film industry? Known for portraying the characters with natural acting skills, Beymer will be reprising his part as Ben Horne in Twin Peaks' third season.

Caption: Richard Beymer portraying the character of Benjamin Horne in Twin Peaks (2017).

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The picture above is the first look of Beymer’s character Benjamin Horne. Russ Tamblyn will also be portraying the character of eccentric psychiatrist Dr. Lawrence Jacoby.

Aren’t you excited to see Beymer sharing the screen with Tamblyn, who shared a good number of scenes in the original Twin Peaks?

Stay with us for the emerging updates on Richard Beymar and Twin Peaks!