Richard Rankin Keeps His Thoughts On Getting Married And Have A Wife A Secret! But Does That Make Him Gay?

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Richard Rankin Keeps His Thoughts On Getting Married And Have A Wife A Secret! But Does That Make Him Gay?

We have seen a lot of celebrity-loving fans, but have we ever thought of fan-loving celebrity? It's true that every celebrity claims to love his/her fans but do they genuinely care about their fans? 

Well, the fans' idol star would be the one who would share all his/her life events as they are always desperate to know about their favorites. So, is your favorite star a fan-loving one?

The fans of the Outlander actor, Richard Rankin, would find it difficult to answer the question, as he has too remained mum regarding his love life though he is okay talking about his family and friends.

Now his silence regarding his love life has undoubtedly raised the question regarding his sexuality, leading people to perceive that Richard might be a gay oriented person. But Richard might just be trying to avoid the critique of people regarding his love life by remaining mum, again.

So today, let's take a closer look at the matter to dig out the truth!

Is Richard A Gay Man?

Richard, who made his debut as Roger Wakefield on Outlander Season 2 finale, has always loved to maintain secrecy regarding his relationship. He has never taken a step ahead to open up about his love life in front of media, due to which there are no sources to claim the facts about his dating affairs and married life.

This trait of keeping the relationships stuff within oneself doesn't mean that Richard is a gay, but he indeed seems protective regarding his love life.

However, actress Louise Stewart once flashed that she had been in a dating relationship with him before Valentines Day in the year 2011.

Moreover, in an interview back with Syndicate back on 29 May 2015, Richard brought up a special moment of his life that shaped his career. It was an opportunity to get encountered with the director or producer of the OC series in a hotel in Hollywood, where Richard and his then girlfriend went for celebrating his 21st birthday.

Now, having known that at least we are clear about the fact that he dated somebody in the past.

However, while the current love life of Richard beyond the screen is yet to be confirmed; he is certainly enjoying his reel life relationship in Outlander being in a romantic relationship with Claire and Jamie's daughter Brianna Randall, portrayed by Sophie Skelton.

This on-screen couple also appeared in an interview with Kristin Dos Santos of E! Online, where they played a funny game to reveal how well they know each other.

Caption: Richard and Sophie in an interview with E! Online (Published on Sep 8, 2017). 

Richard definitely enjoys a sizzling onscreen relationship, and by the looks of it, he is probably enjoying a low-key relationship off the screen as well. However, the truth to that remains unclear until any official confirmation from the actor himself.

A Short Wiki-Like Bio Of Richard Rankin:

Richard Rankin is of Scottish origin and was born on January 4, 1983, as Richard Harris. The actor simply removed Harris from his name and added up his mother's maiden name, Rankin to avoid confusion with an Irish actor with the same name.

The Scottish Harris family includes a sibling of Richard named Colin Harris who is also an actor, and the two brothers together got raised in Rutherglen. Rankin's dad is a former policeman, and he is the one to have offered advice for Richard's role in 'The Crimson Field.'

Richard attended Langside College in Glasgow and then began acting with his debut role in an episode of VideoGaiden in 2006.

Richard is currently known for his role on the Scottish TV sketch comedy program called Burnistoun. Additionally, his portrayal of Captain Thomas Gillan on the BBC One series, The Crimson Field and his recurring roles on The Syndicate and American Odyssey are commendable as well.