Richard Roeper, Married Man With Wife? Personal Life Behind Career Turmoil

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Richard Roeper, Married Man With Wife? Personal Life Behind Career Turmoil

Well, you might have heard, read articles/critics written by the award-winning American columnist, Richard Roeper. But how well do you know about Richard beside that quote?

If no, then don't worry, as today, we will be presenting you an article entirely based on the life happenings of Richard. Dive in!

Inside Richard Roeper's Personal Life

Richard has talked about many persons in his articles, but when it comes to his own life, he likes to keep things to himself. However, it is known that he is a married man and has a teenage daughter.

Besides that, Richard has not revealed any information regarding his girlfriend turned wife, their marriage date, and even their daughter's identity. Neither has he flaunted his family in the social media nor has he talked about them in the interviews. 

Meanwhile, for the fact that Richard has allowed only least information regarding his marital life to surface in the media, many speculators have conjectured him as a gay man. 

But having known that he is a married man with a family, it doesn't make sense to raise speculations on his sexuality. Even if he dwells on the gay side of sexuality, he remains in the straight zone until he comes forth with an confirmation on the matter.

More To Know About Richard Roeper  

Richard was born on 17 October 1959 in Chicago, Illinois and grew up in south suburban Dolton, Illinois. Richard attended Thornridge High School and graduated from Illinois State University in 1982.

Richard then began serving as a columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times in 1987 covering the range from politics to media to entertainment. Richard has also used his writing skills to write seven books on topics related to movies, urban legends, conspiracy and the Chicago White Sox.

He also tried radio hosting on WLS AM 890 in Chicago and other shows including WLUP-FM, WLS-FM, and WMVP-AM. In the 1990s Richard won three Emmy award for his news commentaries on Fox and in the early 2000s, became the first film critic for CBS in Chicago.

Likewise, in February 2009, he launched his website featuring movie reviews, sports photos, and Twitter entries. And in December, he signed a six-figure deal with ReelzChannel to be a regular contributor.    

However, on 18 January 2018, his career, unfortunately, took a shocking U-turn when Richard got suspended from the Sun-Times pending an investigation into allegations that he had purchased Twitter followers.

On 2nd February 2018, the Sun-Times released a statement mentioning he purchased over twenty-five thousand fake followers but he claimed that he was unaware of the fraudulent followers.

As of now, Richard continues in the Sun-Times writing movie and television reviews, as well as entertaining stories but the magazine put up a clause that Richard had to delete his previous Twitter account and start a new one. 

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