Richelle Carey Bio: Has A Married Life With Husband Or Too Sassy For It?

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Richelle Carey Bio: Has A Married Life With Husband Or Too Sassy For It?

The talented Richelle Carey is a famous journalist known for her dedication towards her profession and her active participation in social activities. With her distinguished broadcasting journalist career, she has also managed to catch the breath of the viewers with her charming personality.

But her tweet about her beloved one sent her followers soaring down the path of perplexity. Well, if the tweet concerned you as well, then you have dropped to the right place, as we'll be unveiling the enigma and see if Carey is involved in a romantic relationship as of now!

The Truth Behind Richelle Carey's Tweet About Husband:

Richelle Carey is an Emmy Award-winning television journalist and an anchor at Al-Jazeera English in Doha, Qatar. Before her career in Al-Jazeera English, Carey was an anchor at Al Jazeera America and HLN in Atlanta, where she also served as the host of What Matters, a weekly segment that focused on issues facing African-Americans.

The broadcast journalist is very much active on the social networking sites, and her works are highly highlighted in the media. But her personal life has always remained under her sleeves. 

However, back in 2012, she attracted a great deal of attention for her series of tweets about her 'husband' and 'boyfriend.' 

Richelle's tweet started to flow with the revelation that her husband was robbed in the Best Actor Category in the Bet Awards.

It was shortly followed by her claim that the actor Idris Elba is her husband.

Apparently, she was lamenting the loss of Idris—or rater Kevin Hart's win—on her tweets.

But don't let her tweets confuse you. Back in August 2012, she again shared a tweet to clear the air and accepted that she is not married but has a great pretend boyfriend.

Keeping her derisive tweets aside, in reality, she is not a married woman but enjoys flaunting her whimsical love life. As a matter of fact, she has never been linked to any personalities, and the main reason behind this could be her dedicated focus on her career!

Richelle Carey's Bio:

The famous news anchor, Richelle Carey, was born on October 13, 1976, to the family with a nurse for a mother. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunication from Baylor University.

Her career started after graduation when she took the position of an intern at her local news channel KPRC-TV. Due to her unprecedented devotion to her work, she has established herself as the associate producer of the channel.

Richelle has also worked as a reporter and anchor in Texas, Missouri, and Nevada. Moreover, she worked as a news anchor of KMOV, HLN, and was even introduced as one of the first news anchors at Al Jazeera America. She is also an outspoken advocate of women's rights and serves as a Vice Chair VP at Men Stopping Violence.

For her outstanding contribution, along with Emmy awards, she is awarded the Emerging Journalist Award from the Houston Association of Black Journalists. And currently working as a Journalist at Al Jazeera Media Network, her estimated salary remains between $45K to $83K.

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