Fox News' Rick Reichmuth Behind The Camera: Does The Man Have A Wife and A Family?

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Fox News' Rick Reichmuth Behind The Camera: Does The Man Have A Wife and A Family?

While many public figures are comfortable sharing their personal life with the public, other personalities prefer to enjoy their life away from the media's attention. 

Talking about the famous Chief Meteorologist at FOX News, Rick Reichmuth, he falls into the latter category.; although Rick is seen covering various happenings around the world, he remains hesitant to share the information related to him off-the-camera.

But for all his ardent fans who want to know everything about Rick, including his personal life, you are up for a treat!

Does Rick Reichmuth Have A Wife And A Family? 

Rick Reichmuth has a smooth sailing career, but when it comes to his personal life, he is not entirely transparent about it. Well, some sources do state that he is married to his wife, but Rick hasn't talked about her publicly yet. 

Back on July 7, 2017, he uploaded a picture with three ladies with a sneaky hashtag that said 'Family.'


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Well, the identity of those ladies remains concealed, so no further conclusion can be reached as of now.

But, although we are not familiar with Rick's family members in general, we do know he owns a dog named BurtontheLeo. The love he possesses for his dog; Burtontheleo is no less than a family to Rick.


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Rick Reichmuth's Wiki-Like Bio:

Born on May 21, 1970, to his father Bob Reichmuth in a family with two elder brothers, Rick Reichmuth is a popular weather anchor and TV Host.

However, he is best known as a meteorologist who served on the FOX News program, 'Fox and Friends' for 11 years. He is also a member of AMS (American Meteorological Society) and National Weather Association. 

But, talking about his young years, he graduated from Arizona State University and got a degree in Spanish Literature. He also studied Broadcast Meteorology Program at Mississippi State University and Georgia State University.

Back in time, Rick even worked as a newspaper delivery boy for four years to earn some extra pocket money.

Reichmuth, who is 47 years of age, started his career by working at the Bank of America from 1991 to 2000 as a Branch Manager. But, later on, he decided to change his career and pursue his passion in meteorology.

In 2004, Rick finally got hired as a meteorologist at WSI ( Weather Services International ) in Andover, Massachusetts. He anchored daily live weather forecasts for FOX News Channel from the WSI Studios for two years.

After that, he directly enrolled from WSI Cooperation to FOX News Channel's weather department as a meteorologist again from 2005 to 2006. He later got promoted to Chief Meteorologist at FOX News in 2006 itself and worked as a weather personality in the weekend 'Fox and Friends' program.

Rick is responsible for all weather coverage, including significant weather stories such as hurricanes, tornado outbreaks, floods, fired, blizzards, and many other natural disasters. Besides that, he also covers feature stories from 'The Daytona 500 to Wounded Warrior Events.'

Rick previously covered the disastrous impact of the EF5 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma which gained him a lot of credit. Throughout Reichmuth's career, he must have accumulated a hefty amount of net worth contributed by the outstanding salary he earns; however, the exact figures remain confined to this date!