Is Robert Beltran After All Married and Has A Wife? Keeping Away Family From Still Booming Career or Doesn't Have One?

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Is Robert Beltran After All Married and Has A Wife? Keeping Away Family From Still Booming Career or Doesn't Have One?

If you have watched American science fiction television series Star Trek: Voyager, then you must have noticed the character Commander Chakotay, portrayed by Robert Adame Beltran aka Robert Beltran.

No doubt Robert is a talented actor who has a large number of acting credits, but despite being one of the successful stars of Hollywood, Robert has a very private life off-screen.

While Robert was busy inclining his career, his professional life overshadowed his personal life. But did he hide the details regarding his love life intentionally or is there nothing to reveal? Stick around to find out!

Robert Beltran’s Personal Life:

Beltran has kept his personal life inside a closed box. Various internet sources claim that sixty-three-years-old Beltran is married. However; there is no any information about his wife.

Likewise, some people believe that Beltran married his long-time girlfriend, though there are no any hints about his marriage. It seems that Beltran belongs to the list of the celebrities, who prefer concealing his personal life.

But when people investigate Beltran’s life behind the cameras to find out about his family life, they will come to know about Beltran’s six-years-old daughter Marlena Beltran.

As Beltran never spoke about his love life and there are no any details about his dating affair, there were rumors about him being gay. However, the fact that he has a daughter hints that he is straight by sexuality.

Since he has a daughter who was born in 2011, he might have a partner as well. However, it’s unclear whether Beltran shares a daughter with his wife or partner. Though Beltran hasn’t talked about his love life and love interest, he has been making several public appearances with his daughter.

Isn’t Beltran’s daughter cute?

A Little More About Robert Beltran:

Beltran was born on November 19, 1953, to Aurelia Olgin and Louis Perez Beltran in Bakersfield, California.

Raised with nine siblings; seven brothers and two sisters, Beltran is the graduate of California State University. Latin Jazz musician, Louie Cruz Beltran is one of his brothers.

He began his acting career in the film industry since 1981, and by this time, he has already marked his place.

Beltran, who made his film debut with Zoot Suit (1981), is known for appearing in black comedy film Eating Raoul (1982), Star Trek: Voyager (1995–2001), CSI: Miami ("Tinder Box") (2003), Ultimate Trek: Star Trek's Greatest Moments (1999), Trekkies (1997) and much more.

Caption: Part 1 Cast and Crew of Star Trek: Voyager talks about Robert Beltran as Commander Chakotay. (Published on Jan 19, 2009)

Do you know that Beltran has established East L.A. Classic Theater Group, which is a Los Angeles-based theater company?

Even in 2017, he is busy in theater and plays. Talking about Robert Beltran’s earnings, it is as private as his personal life. However, the way he has marked his place as an actor, he is undoubtedly enjoying an excellent net worth.