Robin Banks Married Or Just Dating? His Status Now

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Robin Banks Married Or Just Dating? His Status Now

Most celebs in the entertainment industry usually create several headlines regarding dating affairs and more.

However, rapper, radio DJ, and presenter, Robin Banks is a celeb who doesn't appear in such issues on tabloids. Instead, he maintains a low-profile on such topics. But then, what is the real deal about his love life? Is he dating someone or, already secretly married? Let's explore! 

Robin Banks's Love Life Status: 

When it comes to Hip-Hop and rap music, rapper Robin Banks is a well-known name. The Canadian rapper has won hearts of many fans and followers along his road to fame. But, is there a special lady out there who has won Robin's heart? 

Well, as much as fans would love to be served with the details of his love life, sadly, Robin keeps such details far away from the spotlight. He even has successfully managed not to be caught by the paparazzi with a possible girlfriend. Additionally, he hasn't been vocal about anyone who has created a special spot in his life as well.

However, Robin seems to be playing a guessing game with his fans when it comes to his dating life; as back in February 2012 he was wished by his girlfriend via Twitter, and he even referred her as his girlfriend while replying.

There are endless possibilities regarding the truth behind the tweet; thus, it is challenging to confirm if she is indeed his girlfriend. The 54-year-old rapper hasn't shed light on his thoughts of getting married either. But he hasn't been married yet to enjoy a conjugal life with a wife.

Although Robin's fans know least about his romantic life, his song talks about falling in love with an American girl.

Love makes anybody's life beautiful, but the beautiful life has its darker side and is associated with uncertainties as well. In the year 2017, Robin had to go through an unfortunate situation as he was gunshot nine times in Vaughan. 

Although the rest of the detail regarding the incident hasn't been reported to the media yet, it is known that Robin suffered a severe spinal cord injury and was in the path of recovery. His family even created a donation page to get support for medical expenses. Even though they set their total goal as $300,000, they have only collected around $3,000 as per reports in June 2017. 

While dealing with the tough time in life, music was always with him and recently on January 22, he shared a teaser of the mixtape, 'Still Here' on his Instagram which is set to release on February 27.

Such a strong personality, don't you think?