Robyn Moore's Divorce with Husband Mel Gibson Stands Out to be the Most Costly Celebrity Split!

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Robyn Moore's Divorce with Husband Mel Gibson Stands Out to be the Most Costly Celebrity Split!

Robyn Moore is an Australian actress who despite her works, is recognized by her ex-husband’s name. However, Robyn did not easily leave her husband as her divorce settlement with husband turned out to be one of the most costly celebrity split. You remember when Diane Plese claimed $263 million dollars in a divorce settlement with ex-husband Robert Herjavec. Well, that is nothing in front of Robyn’s divorce settlements.

Robyn Moore, who as we speak is recognized by her ex-husband’s name and why wouldn’t she? After all, she was married to Mel Gibson, the famous American actor, and filmmaker. She met Mel Gibson in Adelaide in 1970 when she was a dental nurse after Gibson had finished with the filming of the first installment of the Mad Max films.

Caption: Mel Gibson with ex-wife Robyn Moore at the 1997 Oscars.


The couple later got married ten years after their first meet in 1980 followed by their decision to move to the U.S.  However, in 2009, Robyn filed for divorce with her husband of 28 years with whom she has seven children; a daughter and six sons. The divorce was filed citing irreconcilable differences and moreover, there was no prenuptial agreement between the husband and wife.

Caption: Mel Gibson with his seven children.


Now, let’s talk about the divorce settlement. Mel Gibson had an estimated $850 million dollars worth of fortune and under the California community property law, his wife, Robyn Moore could claim half of it which roughly puts the amount between $400-$425 million dollars. That right there put their divorce on another level.

Apart from that, she also asked for portions of jewelry and other assets along with intentions to make Gibson pay her lawyer’s fee. Amid of all the divorce settlements, Gibson also revealed that the couples were separated since August of 2006.

Her ex-husband is currently dating Rosalind Ross with whom he shares a spectacular age gap of 34 years. Well, that shouldn’t be an issue as we have seen Roger Ailes is doing fine with his wife who is 20 years younger than him.

Caption: Mel Gibson with girlfriend Rosalind Ross in 2016.


However, Robyn Moore, 45, is currently off the radar with a spectacular net worth of $400 million dollars mostly of which she got from her divorce settlements with ex-husband Mel Gibson. She could be last seen in My Mistress as Fiona Pearce in 2014.