Roger Bart: With Obscure Married Life, Girlfriend Reveals He Cheated

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Roger Bart: With Obscure Married Life, Girlfriend Reveals He Cheated

Have you ever listened to the song of the animated film of Hercules? Well, the singing voice of 'Hercules' in the Disney animated film Hercules, is of actor and singer, Roger Bart.

The actor is enriched with acting skills and has been honored with the awards like the Tony awards for his performances in 'You're A Good Man' and has won the Screen Actors Guild Awards for Oustanding Performance in a Comedy series too.

Well, aside from his outstanding performance in the acting field, his personal life has been least reached by the media till date. So, if you are wondering about his personal life which has been accused of cheating, then keep reading down!

Actor Roger Bart Accused Of Cheating Amidst Obscure Married Life:

The versatile actor Roger Bart was in the relationship with the youtuber, Trisha Paytas. They shared the romantic relationship for the last two and half years.

But their relationship could not long last as Trisha accused the actor of cheating, back in 2015. She found out about cheating during her Halloween party which she threw with Shane Dawson.

She was randomly confronted at a Halloween party by Bart's long-time girlfriend, who told Paytas that she had been Bart's "other woman" two years. Trisha confronted him via-email where Bart ended their relationship over email, by writing,

"Hey Trisha, do yourself a favor and never contact me again." 

Trisha Paytas claiming Robert Bart, a cheater (Published on Oct 31, 2015)

Trisha also claimed that people had warned her about Bart's cheating ways. But she trusted him a lot and madly was in love with him; as a result, he betrayed her.

The actor Roger Bart is a father to two daughters, Ali Kendall (31) and Eller (16). But the mother of his two daughters has not been disclosed yet. Further, due to his obscure romantic life, it has not been assured whether the children are from his married life with wife or from a dating relationship.

Well, as for now, the actor has not revealed anything about his relationship status. But, he might be dating secretly or might have decided to concentrate on his career for now. 

While many are hesitant to portray the role of a gay character onscreen, talented actor Roger has portrayed the role of a gay homemaker in 2004's 'Stepford Wives' remake, and it happens to be one of the memorable performances of his career.

Well, 55-year-old Roger Bart has achieved success as 'George Williams,' the hysterically homicidal pharmacist on 'Desperate Housewives.' Likewise,  the actor has made appearances on some TV series including 'Law & Order: SVU,' '30 Rock', 'The Lost Room,' 'No Tomorrow,' 'Graves,' '30 Rock' and 'Medium.'

He has also performed in many films including, 'American Gangster,' 'Spy School,' 'Trumbo,' 'How to Build a Better Boy,' 'Smiley' and 'Speech & Debate' and others.