Is Roman Kemp Gay? We Don't Think So Has Had A Girlfriend In The Past And Seems To Be Interested in Dating A Hottie

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Is Roman Kemp Gay? We Don't Think So Has Had A Girlfriend In The Past And Seems To Be Interested in Dating A Hottie

Roman Kemp is someone who has touched a splendid height of success at a young age. He is a well-known Radio host and is also a rumored gay.

Yes, he is often termed a gay man and people are dying to know the truth about his sexuality. We all know that he once had a girlfriend and has been linked with ladies in his life, but let us see if the rumors are true, or there is something to falsify the rumors.

Roman Kemp: A Gay Man? Or Dating A Girlfriend Which Clears The Rumors?

Roman Kemp is often surrounded with several gay rumors in his life, and there have been people praying that he does not butter the other side of the toast. 

But the prayers might just be answered and answered in a right manner, as Roman has had some dating affairs in the past involving females.

Before he was famous as radio and TV personality, he was a well-recognized Youtuber, and that is when he presented his girlfriend, Holly.

Caption: Roman Kemp playing Slender with his girlfriend. (Video Published on Feb 26, 2014)

And if the video above is not enough to shove the gay rumors away, take a look at another one.

Caption: Roman Kemp's video on Epic Relationship Test. ( Video Published on Jul 3, 2015)

Through the videos, it is clear that Roman is interested in girls rather than boys, which is enough to send the gay rumors down the drain!

Moreover, Roman has talked about his ex-girlfriend in the media; he explained how he bumped into his ex at a party in a recent interview in May 2017. He divulged,

"I bumped into my ex-girlfriend at Soho Farmhouse recently, said hi, then I’m walking to the bar and Harry Styles was there and so I ended up sitting with Harry for a couple of hours and we had lunch and that. I told Harry that I’d bumped into my ex and he was like “F***, that’s awkward.” and I was like “Yeah, it’s really awkward”. Anyway, later that day my ex texted saying do you just want to go for dinner? And I was thinking, yeah nice, y’know brush it all over, be nice. "

He added,

"We go for dinner in this restaurant, it’s all glass windows all round the outside. The restaurant’s packed, it’s Saturday night. Everyone’s had a few drinks. Then I just hear bang, bang, bang on the glass of this window, right, I turn round, look over, everyone in the restaurant looks over. It’s Harry on the outside with his thumbs up going, “ROMAN! IS IT AWKWARD?!” I was like ‘You’re a f******* prick."

He then concluded,

"So yes, we have some fun! It’s great because, I’m the same age as a lot of those guys, like whether it’s your Dua Lipa, Zara Larsson, Ed, Justin Bieber just cos they’re the same age and we do fun sh*t on radio so it’s like, “Oh let’s get a drink” afterwards."

Kemp was also linked with Caroline Flack, but he denied those claims and shared that he fancied Love Island star, Montana Brown.

Caption: Roman Kemp denied his link up with Caroline Flack (L) but shared that he would like to date Montana Brown (R).

Photo Credit: The Sun

He first denied the rumors of him being in a relationship with Flack as,

“I never had a thing with Caroline Flack – no, no, no. We are really good friends."

He then added,

“When I read that online I was so shocked. Let me just say now that we were never a thing. I sent it to Caroline and she wasn’t too happy about it. I definitely took the p*** out of her for it. I kept saying to her ‘we need to head out; we’re the new power couple.’”

Kemp then said that he would rather date Montana, who then had just split from her ex Alex Beattie.

“I really fancy Montana – she’s beautiful isn’t she? We actually went to the same school so I thought that could help me. There's nothing wrong with having a bit of mutual ground is there? I was excited when I saw she had split from Alex – I started following her on Twitter.”

Kemp was also seen having some flirtatious moments with Montana's co-star Georgia Harrison.

Caption: Roman Kemp was captured with Georgia Harrison while indulging in a PDA.

Photo Credit: The Sun

Does all of these not debunk the gay rumors? It certainly does!

Besides, the man has never come out as a gay, and the rumors are baseless till he admits to being on the gay side, right?

Roman Kemp's Family Life:

Roman Kemp was born in Los Angeles and later went on to acquire dual citizenships, both in the US as well as the UK. His parents are Shirlie Holliman and the famous man, Martin Kemp.

Martin has always been keeping close eyes on his son and knows how greater connections his little has with ladies.

While there were claims of Roman dating Flack, his dad was said to have a close eye on him, and Roman elaborated it in such words,

“My dad sent me a screen shot of the article asking me ‘what’s this about?’ but I told him it was rubbish. He watches everything I do with the ladies. But we are really open as a family.”

Roman also has a sister named Harley, who he loves way more than one can imagine.


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Roman has attained immense success his career at a very young age, but despite being such a wonderful personality, he remains mum when it comes to revealing his net worth, probably for some security reasons.

Stay with us for the budding updates on Roman Kemp!