Rudi Bakhtiar Has Devoted Her Life to up Humanity: Never Been Married But What About Affair With Steve Overmyer?

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Rudi Bakhtiar Has Devoted Her Life to up Humanity: Never Been Married But What About Affair With Steve Overmyer?

She switched careers in 2008 to become the first Director of Public Relations for the Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans. A representative voice in the public and political arena for Iranian Americans, Rudi Bakhtiar received the Iranian American Republican Council Achievement Award in the year 2002.

Here we are enlightening forty-seven-years-old Bakhtiar’s love life. Hasn’t she been married or she had no time to find love of her life? What about the rumors about her affair with Steve Overmyer? Let’s find it out.

Married, Husband or any Divorce History?

Rudi, who is a workaholic, is believed to be unmarried. It seems that she is very much engaged in her profession and has no time to find her dear love. Well, there are many possibilities of her keeping her love life away from the media. She might have secretly hitched to someone special but the truths are still folded.

Caption: Rudi covers a story on women, relationship and happiness and their interrelationship.

However, she was once linked with Steve Overmyer. Twelve years ago, tabloids were busy covering Steve- Rudi affair rumors. Then, Steve and Tracye Hutchins were experiencing a pre-divorce scenario. Steve and Tracy later divorced in 2003. Do you find something fishy? Was Rudi the reason for their divorce?

Bakhtiar has devoted her life to up humanity:

Born to Iranian immigrants of Bakhtiari heritage, Rudi is a producer for Thomson Reuters television. She is recognized for anchoring a prime time national three-hour newscast, "CNN Headline News Tonight.”

For more than a decade, Rudy has been working for Voice of America, CNN, and Reuters News. Rudi Bakhtiar has also anchored CNN's coverage of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Sexual Harassment complaints:

On July 2016, Rudi Bakhtiar came forward to complain that she was fired by Fox News as she reported sexual harassment by Washington, D.C., bureau chief, Brian Wilson. After she was fired, she was paid her legal fees and $670,000. Bakhtiar is thankful to her former Fox colleague, Gretchen Carlson because of whom she was inspired and could open up about harassment.

Rudi Bakhtiar's Short Bio:

Rudi Bakhtiar was born on June 21, 1969, to Iranian immigrants of Bakhtiari heritage. She has earned a Bachelor of Science in biology from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1990.

Though being a dentist was her plan, she ended up studying architecture at the Harvard School of Design. In the year 1996, she joined CNN where she anchored "CNN Headline News Tonight".

In January 2006, she joined FOX News Channel as a general correspondent and in July 2016, she was allegedly fired from Fox News in recrimination for a sexual harassment complaint against Brian Wilson.