Sarah Polley's Husband David Sandomierski and Two Daughters

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Sarah Polley's Husband David Sandomierski and Two Daughters

An actress with sensitive portrayals and remarkable talent, Sarah Polley, has been married twice. She married boyfriend turned husband David Wharnsby, Canadian film editor on September 10, 2003. David was her buddy for seven years.  

With the increase in sourness in their relationship, the couple separated in 2008.

"My relationship is the thing I'm proudest of in my life. I had a lot of opportunities to end up in some pretty bad situations and, despite all my faults, I had the sense to find someone like him and make the decision to be with him. You spend a lot of time wanting to be with the wrong person and I just feel incredibly lucky because I've succeeding at that one thing. I figured that out" –Sarah Polley."

{On her marriage to David Wharnsby}

Sarah remained single for around three years and in between the period, she improved her acting skills and worked hard to brighten up her career. Later, Sarah decided to get married and eventually made Canadian law clerk David Sandomierski her husband. They got married on August 23, 2011.

David Sandomierski is working on his Ph.D. in law at the University of Toronto.

On February 7, 2012, she gave birth to her first, daughter Eve. She then gave birth to her second daughter in August 2014.

Meanwhile, there were rumors about her expecting another baby. The rumor was later suggested to be fake by an article.

Polley directed her own childhood in her documentary film, Stories We Tell (2012), where she describes her parents' relationship and her mother’s extramarital affair. 

Standing tall at a height of five feet two inches, Sarah has achieved immense success and popularity at the age of thirty-seven. Her net worth is estimated to be $2 million.