Scott Speedman Not Married Because Of His Disastrous Dating Game? Ex-Girlfriend Reveals It All

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Scott Speedman Not Married Because Of His Disastrous Dating Game? Ex-Girlfriend Reveals It All

“Dating is young man’s game!!”

But Scott Speedman, who is currently in his early forties, seems to defy this rule, as his prolific dating history comprises of his costars and other Hollywood celebrities. His self-proclaimed failure in boyfriend duties is something most gay/straight guy can relate to, no matter if you're new or a pro at dating game!

So, how does a man in his early forties manages to date beautiful women in Hollywood, despite being a disastrous boyfriend by his own confession? Keep reading to find that out!

Speed Dating with Speedman

Scott Speedman, the British-Canadian actor in his early forties, has a prolific dating history, having shot to fame with his break out performance in 'Felicity' in 1998.

Most women till the late nineties fantasized about romancing Speedman, mainly due to his onscreen portrayal of Ben Covington in 'Felicity' but what they did not know is his off-screen brewing romance with his costar Keri Russell.

The 'Underworld' star’s dating life came to light in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live while reuniting with Felicity costar Russell, where honest confessions about their dating life were the subject of much discussion on the show.

The pair portrayed an onscreen couple for WB drama ‘Felicity’ which ran from 1998-2002, as it happens more often in Hollywood; they also played a real-life couple for a brief period while filming the show.

Scott Speedman and Keri Russell in Jimmy Kimmel Live

Photo Caption: Keri Russell and Scott Speed interview with Jimmy Kimmel

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Reminiscing their relationship 20 years back in the interview with the host Jimmy Kimmel, both Russell and Speedman joked about their former romance.

Speedman was quick to confess that he wasn’t the best boyfriend while talking to the host about Russell’s infamous Felicity haircut. He said:

“We were actually dating at the time and I had been such a disaster of a boyfriend up until [that point] and I knew I had to put on a good show. I knew I was going to see her new haircut and I was like, Come on man, you got to bring it home. You gotta do it. And I got to work and she turned around the corner and my face sort of froze in a half panic, half smile sort of situation.”

Scott Speedman, Keri Russell and Scott Foely on the set of Felicity

Caption: Keri Russell (post her haircut), Scott Speedman and Scott Foley on the set of Felicity.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

He further described the moment and not doing himself any favor; he compared Russell's haircut having 'a Chia [Pet] head sort of vibe to it.'

On prodding further about him not being the best boyfriend by the host, ex-girlfriend Russell chipped in his defense saying all guys in their early twenties are disastrous boyfriends. In response to Russell's statement, 'Animal Kingdom' actor further proclaimed:

 “Not much has changed.”

Additionally, in a separate interview in 2014 with Chelsea Handler, Speedman first confessed about dating his costar Russell when asked about seeing the couple at a restaurant in the Palisades where Handler waited tables.

When Handler asked about seeing the pair in the restaurant early in the morning, he recalled the moment to explain:

"That's when I was dating Keri, yeah. She lived out there."

The ex-couple are now longtime pals, both cordial with each other in social events and even sharing their bygone relationship faux pas in interviews.  

After splitting up with Keri Russell, Speedman, relative to his name, has seen a fair share of women walking in and out of his life in quick succession. 

Reportedly, Speedman dated several Hollywood celebrities, like Gwyneth Paltrow (1998-1999), Heather Graham, Ashley Scott (2007-08), Teresa Palmer (2011-2012), Camille De Pazzis (2012-2014) and more recently, Kirsten Wigg (2014).

Despite having dated many high profiled women, Speedman has managed to keep his personal life out from prying media's eye with little to no news about his current dating life or a possible wife.

Surprisingly, the Hollywood norm of getting married and divorced is not applicable to the 42-year-old actor, who has never been married before and is believed to be single on the lookout for more long-term arrangement in his love life.

To sum it all up, Speedman's dating game is strong, and nowhere near being disastrous, it remains to be seen if he has cold feet in committing long-term or he just hasn't found the right person yet.