Director Shane Black's Early Demise In Predators Explained! Why Was That?

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Director Shane Black's Early Demise In Predators Explained! Why Was That?

The saddest part of any movie/series is, of course, the death of a favorite character!

From the tragic demise of 'Jack' in the classic movie 'Titanic,' to the loss of 'Ned Stark' in 'Game of Thrones,' many of us are familiar with the sentiment of such scenes. 

Today, we have yet another one of the 'most talked about' deaths in the thriller movie, 'Predators.' Although there are countless deaths in the action movie, the character, 'Hawkins' portrayed by the talented screenwriter and director, Shane Black, is still the talk of the town. Well, there is a surprising reason behind it! 

So, stick till the end to find out why the film-makers killed Shane's character so soon in 'Predators!'

Why Did Shane Black's Character Die Early In 'Predators'? 

Although Shane Black is recognized for his excellent writing skills, he appeared as an actor with a role of 'Hawkins' in the 1987 movie, 'Predators,' which was produced by John Davis.

Black's character was one amongst the commando team members sent out to the jungles of Central America and was eventually under the attack by predators. 

But, Shane's character died within the seven minutes of the movie which later became a long-time curiosity amid the fans. 

Caption: Shane Black's character, Hawkins's death scene in Predators. (Published May 2, 2017) 

Almost three decades later, the reason for Hawkins's death came to light; that it was demanded on purpose by producer John Davis. Analysing the writing skills that Black has, the producer gave him the role in the expectation that he would accept to help Davis by writing and perfecting the script of the movie. 

However, Black declined to write and said he would continue with acting in the film. As a result, Davis kicked him off quickly from the movie. Around early 2017, Davis explained,  

" Shane was a really great writer who had just written this great script called Lethal Weapon. We wanted him to do a  rewrite on the [Predator] script. So we put him in the movie, because he's an actor. And we got him down there, and we asked him to do a rewrite, and he said he was an actor in the movie and not a writer. So he was the first person we killed. He got killed seven minutes into the movie. " 

Well, luckily, it seems like Shane didn't catch any hard feelings, as he has even agreed to write the screenplay and direct for the new movie, 'The Predators,' also produced by John Davis. The movie will land in theatres on August 3, 2018. 

The multitalented screenwriter Shane Black was born on December 16, 1961, in Pittsburgh. Having majored in theatre and film from UCLA, his first job as a director and writer was for the 2005 movie, 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.' The story revolves around a luckless thief played by Robert Downey Jr. and a gay detective played by Val Kilmer. 

Shane Black, who enjoys a net worth of $16 million, has gained recognition throughout his carer for his notable works. The list of his famous movies includes the most coveted 'Lethal Weapon' (1987), 'Lethal Weapon: 2' (1989) and 'Last Action Hero' (1993) to name a few.

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