Shaun White Dating To Get Married? Girlfriend is A Rock Star - Literally!

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Shaun White Dating To Get Married? Girlfriend is A Rock Star - Literally!

The Olympic gold winner, Shaun White revealed that he is not in a hurry to getting married with his five years girlfriend, Sarah Barthel in an interview with PEOPLE back on February 10, 2018.

The 2018’s PyeonChang Winter Olympics participant, Shaun White was asked in the interview with PEOPLE when will he turn his girlfriend, Sarah Barthel, into his wife. Replying to that, White explained that both he and Sarah, who is a member of electro-rock group, Phantogram “haven’t gotten that far.”

Instead, White cleared that he is currently focusing on the on-going Olympics. As per White,  

“It’s tough. It’s like you put your life on hold for the Olympics. … This is the goal at hand and we’re here, it’s all happening.”

Despite White’s “not getting married soon” intention, he added that he likes doing domestic chores in the home.  

 “I’m the guy that will like, I’ll just be stoked to help you trim the bushes,” he says. “I’ll do yard work, I like to paint the houses, any sort of physical work, I’m down, I’m your guy. It’s ridiculous.I was at [Barthel’s] mom’s house, I was like, ‘Yeah, sure, what do you need?’ And then the neighbors — it was a beautiful East Coast day in the summertime — and you saw all the other neighbors kind of like eyeballing. They came out, they started doing their yards like, ‘You’re not going to have the nicest yard on the block.’ And then I’m out there all — it got very competitive.”

Shaun White first met the electro-rock band, Phantogram's vocalist, Sarah Barthel while White was looking for an apartment in New York and Sarah was living in Brooklyn.

White revealed that the duo, who had mutual friends on the sketch series, first met on backstage. He said,

“It’s funny: We actually met backstage at SNL.”

Shaun White and his girlfriend, Sarah Barthel  (justjared)

Not only that, White added that backstage meeting tuned into friendship, saying: 

“and we just bumped backstage and became friends, and then over time it kind of turned into something.”

White's relationship with Barthel deepened before he left for 2014's Winter Olympics in Russia and officially started dating Sarah Barthel since 2013. As of now, White has taken his relationship for five years.

Within the five years, the duo is also able to clear their differences too, as revealed by White to PEOPLE. He said,  

“We live in two different worlds, so that’s why it’s nice to come together and share stories from the road.”

Aside from differences, White's relationship also has to go through sexual misconduct accusations in 2016. White was accused of sexual misconduct by Lena Zawaideh, who was the drummer for Shaun White’s band, Bad Things before she was fired in August 2014.

According to Lena, White “sent her sexually explicit and graphic images of male genitals, forced her to watch sexually disturbing videos including ones that ‘sexualized fecal matter’ and made sexual remarks to her.”

Lena also added that Shaun White fired her because she wouldn’t cut her hair. Providing the undisclosed amount of money to Lena, White settled his sexual misconduct lawsuit back in May 2017.

Despite their differences in profession and sexual allegations, the duo's relationship is still intact. White revealed that the duo gets along well when they reach home. He affirmed,

“When we’re both home, it’s just like we’re home.”

The Fourth time Olympic participant, Shaun White's relationship is surely strong to have survived such a mishap and can be a good answer for the gay rumors that previously hovered around Shaun.