SNL's Kyle Mooney And His Dating Side On Video; On Thoughts Of Making Her A Wife Or Just a Workplace Fun?

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SNL's Kyle Mooney And His Dating Side On Video; On Thoughts Of Making Her A Wife Or Just a Workplace Fun?

Although the Internet provides the easiest and the most convenient way to convey our ideology and information, it also gives rise to rumors and circulates false information all over the world. The similar case occurred for the SNL Kyle Mooney whose relationship news got viral all over the social networking sites. 

Is the dating declaration only done for the prank purpose or is he seriously inclined to make the lady his only women?

Kyle Mooney reveals about dating a new bee, true or false?

The news of Kyle Mooney dating the other SNL anchor Leslie Jones came out when the video starring Leslie Jones and Kyle Mooney went viral on all the dating sites as well as all over the media.

In the video, Leslie confessed her love for Kyle Mooney and Kyle also admitted his true feelings for Leslie Mooney. With the video, Leslie has even clarified the rumored relationship with her co-star of SNL Colin Jost.

Caption: Leslie Jones reveals her blooming romance with SNL star Leslie Jones as posted on Youtube on 13th November 2016.

The video purely depicts the blossoming romance between Kyle Mooney and Leslie Jones. Here Leslie has openly acknowledged Kyle for making her feel special every time they are together. After public confession by the couple over the media, it’s sure this video is not a prank.

However, their social media shares a different story. Both of them have not shared a single post regarding their relationship, which puts everyone in a dilemma about the reality of their relationship.

Either or not they share a mutual feeling for each other, everyone would love to see this couple together offscreen. At present, he is neither married nor has a wife, but while going through the video, we can say he does have a girlfriend.

Gay orientation, if not get hold of his past dates:

In the year 2007, Good Neighbour Stuff uploaded the video where Kayle was spotted checking out gay websites and got spotted with few naked man inside the room.

Caption: Kyle Mooney in the video of My Room Mate Is Gay as posted on Youtube on 5th December 2005.

Similarly, in the year 2013, Kyle tweeted his followers his experience while doing a video of my roommate is gay.

Even though Kyle kissed the man in the video, that was all scripted, and the resulting video was uploaded for entertainment purpose only.

Famous pop queen Miley Cyrus backed Kyle by posting a picture with him over Twitter where he seems to enjoy her company.


From the gay story to the Miley Cyrus intimate scene, everything in  Kyle's life looks scripted. But, when we scroll through his real life, Kyle has never revealed any relationships, may it be a romantic relationship or a serious love affair. 

More about Kyle Mooney:

Kyle Mooney is an actor, comedian, host as well as a writer. He stepped in the entertainment business in 2008 from the series “The Roommate” and later got a movie break from “Kill Me Know, Saturday”(2012), while his fame was heightened after he started working on the Saturday Night Live Show (2014).

With all the dedication and hard work, Kyle has managed to accumulate an estimated net worth of $600 thousand. Hope his future works helps him heighten his success even more.