Is Sofia Pernas Married? Relationship So Perfect It's Confusing If He's Her Boyfriend Or Husband

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Is Sofia Pernas Married? Relationship So Perfect It's Confusing If He's Her Boyfriend Or Husband

The actress from The Young & The Restless, Sofia Pernas is a well-known face in the entertainment industry; the industry where celebs usually incline towards success by keeping their personal life low-key. However, Sofia is quite the opposite.

Sofia Pernas shows us that a person can flaunt their dating affair while having a career that is shooting upwards as well. A little digging led us to Sofia Pernas’ personal life, where there was love that could even make a cupid dumbstruck.

Sofia’s dating affair with her boyfriend is something to gaze at as it confuses the hell out of people whether they are just dating or are already a married couple.

Let's dive in for more details!

Is Sofia Pernas' Boyfriend A Husband Material?

Sofia, being a prominent actress in the entertainment field, surely has a lot of fan following, and if not wrong, a majority of seats belong to guys who hope to date this beauty someday.

Well, this may come as a blower, but Sofia is already dating someone. Yes, the 28 years old beauty is out of the market, thanks to her boyfriend!

The couple has been dating for quite the time now and well, by the looks of it, he sure is a husband material. Sofia is currently dating her boyfriend by the name Randal Graves.

Sadly, anything more than that is not known of the boyfriend, but the couple shares a lot of photos of them together visiting places, having fun together and getting all loved up.

The couple even celebrated their one-year anniversary on April 30 with a vacation to seaside Bacara Resort and Spa.


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They were moreover seen enjoying the serenity!


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The couple does not publicly speak regarding their relationship, especially Sofia. She has chosen not to say anything regarding her future plans with Randal, but the couple sure looks well on their way to get married. 

Moreover, her fans anticipate the details of her personal life, and as a media figure and someone who is constantly getting adored, Sofia may not hide the significant future steps with her boyfriend.

Sofia Pernas’ Short Bio

Sofia Pernas was born on July 31, 1989, in Morocco to parents from different ethnicity, the mother being Moroccan and a Galician father. Sofia started her career as a model which later drove her towards pursuing her career in Los Angeles.

It was an acting agent who set her career into the entertainment track, as she initially was into reporting. If it weren't for the talent agent, we would be seeing this beauty reporting news or being a broadcaster perhaps.

Sofia landed her first movie role as Isabella Drake in 2009, in the television-movie titled ‘The Immortal Voyage of Captain Drake.’

Sofia has since played in projects like Leverage (2011), Operation Rogue (2014), The Young & The Restless (2015) and is currently involved in post-production projects, The Green Ghost, and The Brave due 2017.

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