Sofie Dossi Breaks Record! The Girl Who Won Golden Buzzer In Famous Show 'America's Got Talent' Does It So Easy

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Sofie Dossi Breaks Record! The Girl Who Won Golden Buzzer In Famous Show 'America's Got Talent' Does It So Easy

It has always been a challenge for people to make their own identity amid a mass of zillion others. However, it is not everyone's cup of tea to be able to outperform others.

But whoever does make a difference, find themselves listed in Guinness World Records. And one of such person who has done something extraordinary to prove herself to the world is a 16-year old self-taught contortionist, Sofie Dossi.

The young lady Sofie has already made her appearances in different reality shows, which make the name pretty familiar to the people. She has indeed gained fame after achieving a coveted spot as a top ten finalist on Americas Got Talent in the summer of the year 2016.

Sofie was probably one of the big contenders on the eleventh season of AGT, not only because she won the Golden Buzzer in the show but also the hearts of the viewers with her pliant body structure.

Furthermore, this talented Missy has recently captivated the mass by breaking the world record and listing her name in GWR. Let's get acquainted with further details on this matter!

The Awe-inspiring Journey's Facts Of Sofie In Americas Got Talent:

The world first witnessed Sofia during the audition in episode 1105 of AGT which she triumphed with flying colors. Sofie shot a bow with her feet, hitting the target placed feet away leaving the judges and the audience all stunned.

Promoted to the Judge Cuts, she made no mistake in impressing the panel of judges the second time and even got praised with standing ovations and the Golden Buzzer by the guest judge, Reba McEntire.

The Golden Buzzer made Sofie one of the quarter-finalists, who then made an easy entry to the semifinal with the sufficient votes from the people. The similar support from the viewers made her a part of the finale; being one amidst the Top 10 contenders.


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The votes of Sofie's followers later proved insufficient in the episode 1122, and consequently, the talented young lady got terminated from the show. She faced Grace VanderWaal to enter into the Top 5 but ended up being a Top Ten finalist.

Got Talent Global, a youtube channel, has mixed up the performances of Sofia from her amazing audition and other rounds creating a beautiful video.

Caption: Sofie's performances in AGT, 2016 (Published on Sep 14, 2016).

The Golden Buzzer Act exhibitor Sofia has recently set up a new record breaking the previous world record of 'Farthest Arrow Shot Using Feet' earlier this year. Nancy Siefker previously held the record by hitting the target 20 feet away.

Caption: Sofie, breaking the Guinness World Record (Published on Jan 25, 2017).

Stunning, right?

A Short Wiki-Like Bio Of Sofie Dossi:

Born on June 21, 2001, the famous gymnast Soffie Dossi is from Cypress, California. She has a brother named Zak Dossi in her family, whom she adores and calls her best friend.


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She is also near to her mom and dad and loves spending time with them.

The interest of being a contortionist sparked in Sofie when she just 12 while she was watching Youtube videos of contortion. She even developed herself as a hand balancer and aerialist later.

Sofie has more than 550,000 people following her on the Instagram account and has also appeared in the shows like The Ellen Degeneres Show, Disney's Bizaardvark, KC Undercover and Nickelodeon's All In with Cam Newton.

The world isn't short of talents who can take you by surprise!

Stay with us for the emerging updates on Sofie Dossi!